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Will She Be Called Princess Phony? Is Meghan Markle's Fairytale Going Up in Flames?

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It's not easy being related to Meghan Markle these days. If you're related, don't plan on a wedding invite, help navigating the media or any other consolation for the attention that comes with being a blood relative of the most famous woman in the world (or at least the most Googled). Apparently the future Duchess suffered a bout of amnesia and no longer 'remembers' her own family including her older half-brother with whom who shares the same last name. Ignoring his recent pleas for help, in what's being called a shocking snub, Tom Markle Jr. has essentially been left out in the cold on the steps of Buckingham Palace.

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This offense is just the beginning for Meghan who has managed to ditch, dump and deny everyone close to her in an effort to achieve her highest goal: fame. Indeed, Meghan Markle has lost much of her luster in the last few months. As more revelations are revealed about her past, it becomes strikingly obvious that she was always more of a hustler than a humanitarian. 

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Meghan was a "bit part actress" who tried being a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal, attempted to sneak into Golden Globes parties and even wanted a job at the Wendy Williams show. She would audition for Shakira videos, take on microscopic roles in movies like Horrible Bosses and A Lot Like Love and would only date men that were producers or connected in the celebrity circuit. She even became a fashion and cooking expert for the Today show. Markle tried anything and everything to become famous.

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The Thomas Markle Jr. incident created terrible press for this future royal wife. Over four thousand comments were left on the DailyMail coverage calling out Markle for behaving badly. Some saying that "disowning your family is despicable" and one top commenter saying, "Markle is as shallow as a puddle in the desert" and a "social climber of the worst kind." Other commenters said the newly engaged couple will be the end of the monarchy and many called Markle "fake, insecure and inauthentic."

So, perhaps Markle, even with all her small time acting was not really ready for her role of a lifetime: Prince Harry's Wife. In fact, her cavalier attitude towards all things royal protocol and tradition has made her seem a tad tacky and underwheming--not a modern princess and a breath of fresh air but more like a millennial princess and a gust of bad wind.

Let's take a quick look at Meghan Markle's troubled trek to a tiara and her calculating behavior to get there.
  • Markle plans to change religions for the third time in order to wed Harry. She will be baptized before the wedding in the Church of England. Interestingly, she also converted to Judasim prior to marrying first husband Trevor. Markle's mother Doria Ragland is Protestant and her father, Thomas Markle is Episcopalian. 
  • Makle's beloved resuce dogs that she adopted to score celebrity points with Ellen Degeneres were not both able to make it to England. Markle ditched her dog Bogart in Toronto. Being separated from Markle's other dog, Guy, was probably traumatic for both pups. Then in a terrible twist of events, Guy suffered two broken legs

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  • Markle's parents have endured many financial hardships. Tom Markle filed for bankruptcy in 2016 with credit card debt around $25,000. He has been the subject of four tax liens in the last 19 years and lives in crime ridden Rosarito, Mexico where he survives on a small pension. Doria Ragland has reportedly filed for bankruptcy twice, her income in 2001 was around $11,000. She once had credit card debt totaling around $50,000. In addition, she's had trouble with landlords trying to evict her, struggled with a failing business called Distant Treasures and reportedly has no property of her own. Meghan on the other hand earned $50,000 per episode on her television show Suits
  • Markle appears to have no relationship with her struggling half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. and her half-sister Samantha Grant who is wheelchair bound and has MS.
  • Markle was on a lavish three week vacation in Africa with Prince Harry at the same time her mother was doing her laundry at a grimy public laundromat called Super Suds in Los Angeles.
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  • Markle and her best friend from childhood and maid of honor at her first wedding, Ninaki Priddy, no longer speak as the friend claims that Meghan became changed by fame. Priddy didn't respect the way Meghan dumped first husband Trevor Engelson. 
  • Markle reportedly had an emotional affair during her short two-year-long relationship with Engelson and he was also suspicious that she had grown close to a co-star on the set of Suits.
  • Markle also cheated on Cory Vitiello and met Prince Harry on a blind date while she was still with Cory.
  • Markle claims to be a feminist and never wanted to be a 'lady who lunches.' She wanted to shatter glass ceilings instead of wear glass slippers. Yet, Mrs. Prince Harry promptly quit her job at Suits, left her blog business and even stopped working with charities she loved after her royal romance took off because she wanted a "clean slate."
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  • Prior to meeting Harry, Meghan gushed about her flourishing friendships with stars like Serena Williams who she actually only met in 2016. She also wrote on her blog about having a dinner with Michael Buble and even raved about Ivanka Trump (though Meghan is reportedly very anti-Trump). 
  • Markle also seems to dabble in being a vegan (only during weekdays) but loves a good roast chicken and was happy to date and dine Harry though he once hunted animals for sport.
  • In their awkward engagement interview for the BBC, Markle claimed she knew nothing of Harry and the royal family. 
  • Meghan's charmed childhood didn't look anything like that of an orphan (sorry Harry you've been duped)--there were swimming pools, stuffed animals and trips to Disneyland

Beyond the cheating, conniving and conspiring to become famous, Markle's biggest offense lies in her lack of love and support for her family. For a dad who helped pay for her private schools and furnish her global and gilded lifestyle to be left penniless--seems rather shameful when Markle thinks nothing of wearing a $75,000 engagement dress or a $3,000 tuxedo

There is some bitter irony and sting of hypocrisy when Meghan and Harry go on missions and visits across Europe and Africa to help others who are impoverished, down on their luck or struggling with mental health. Shouldn't they look closer to home? 


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