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Tartan Twins! Is Meghan Copying Kate to Be More Likeable?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their 'Meet Meghan' tour stop today in Edinburugh on February 13th for their official royal walkabout. The engaged pair were greeted with a small crowd who waved British flags with their faces emblazoned on them (odd since it was Scotland). Many speculated the PR teams had actually handed out the H&M flags.

Meghan played it safe with a long tartan jacket that resembles many of Kate's previous fashion choices, though Kate typically opts for dress coats rather than long trench jackets. Kate has worn tartan style dresses on numerous occasions. HERE/HERE/HERE.

Markle was also trying to earn goodwill by paying homage to Scotland with her fashion choice. Still, Meghan didn't care to budget for this brief meet and greet as her tartan Burberry coat cost almost $3000 dollars (2,000 British pounds). #tartantuesday

Kate received much praise for her Christmas attire at Sandringham--which was a double-breasted tartan coat by Miu Miu. For the walk to church, Kate paired her holiday-feels ensemble with stockings and a fur trimmed cap. At the same occasion, Meghan was ridiculed for her odd outfit which included a low-cut velvet Club Monaco dress, knee high suede boots, a camel coat by Sentaler and her infamous poo emoji hat. No wonder she wants to become a CopyKate.

Image L Pinterest, R Via Daily Mail

In Scotland, Meghan's outfit choice was once again long black pants (which she wore to the Brixton radio visit and Cardiff stop) which were dragging low to the ground. Many speculated that she was emulating her beloved new bestie Victoria Beckham with the long wide-legged trousers, black long sleeve shirts and heels. Beckham mastered this look years ago.

Many commenters thought the pair looked "scruffy" in Scotland and a bit unkempt as if they were off to some local pub. Meghan kept touching her blowing hair and some said her locks looked lifeless and stringy. In addition, some online commenters said Meghan's skin looked 'leathery'--perhaps from too much bronzer or heavy foundation.

Meghan's overall look drew much criticism as her funeral attire was on full display once again--some even compared the starlet to Morticia Adams. Rather than opt for the flattering jewel toned coats that Kate wears, Meghan covets the androgynous hobo chic style. It's a far cry from the royal rules of fashion which typically entails women in dresses and stockings, groomed impeccably and wearing minimal accessories (no more tacky thumb rings Meg!).

The couple could've passed for grubby aging college students who had just left work--some even said Meghan blended with the crowd and appeared like a tourist! Overall the look was a tad dowdy and unprofessional.

Image Via Daily Mail

Harry didn't look so fresh faced either with many online observers noticing his large bald spot and mocking him for once teasing Prince William for his dwindling follicles. Harry also sported serious forehead wrinkles and many lines around his eyes. Perhaps he needs to take a break from all the stress of wedding planning?

Image via DailyMail

In terms of clothing, Harry opted for a casual black pair of pants--that looked a tad wrinkled as well as mismatched navy suede shoes, a blue sweater and long gray coat. The outfit looked more like something to wear to the office--rather than a royal appearance.

Image Via DailyMail

Meghan's fashion choices once again sparked debate as many felt her treacherously long Veronica Beard trouser and heel combo was not only dangerous but sloppy. Others felt are long oversized coat was again ill-fitting not to mention her chain crossbody East West mini Strathberry bag that looked Starbucks-run-friendly and cost around $600 (and already sold out).

Image Via DailyMail

Perhaps ultimately Meghan is copying Diana who also wore tartan dresses for royal functions. After all, she was the People's Princess and Harry's true love. 

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