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Shedding for the Wedding: Is Meghan Markle Dieting to Become a Pin Thin Princess?

When standing next to super slim Kate Middleton, anyone is bound to feel a bit bloated and bulgy. For Meghan Markle, it seems the influence of the impossibly low Kate Weight effect, plus an upcoming wedding that will be seen by millions, is making her dedicated to losing even more weight off her already lean frame.

When Markle started out as paralegal Rachel Zane on Suits, she was very curvaceous with womanly hips, thighs and breasts. Nowadays, it seems Markle has lost a sustainable amount of weight. In fact, some have even called her gams "chicken legs" due to her toothpick-like limbs.

Rumors have run rampant that the yogi and runner is now following Kate's beloved Dukan Diet which involves two weight loss phases and two maintenance phases. Reportedly Kate Middleton was obsessed with the diet prior to saying 'I do' in late April of 2011.

The high protein and low carb plan is pretty intense especially for french fry, pasta and wine loving Markle. The first attack phase of the plan allows only protein and oat bran and promises dieters can lose 10 pounds in seven days.

For exercise, Meghan loves a good jog or a candlelight yoga session but due to security reasons, it's unlikely Meghan will be able to go jogging outside of the palace walls or take many public yoga classes.

No need to sweat it! Buckingham Palace also has a pool where Meghan can take aqua aerobics classes or water ballet--both Prince George and Prince Charles have used the pool for swimming lessons and playtime. All the members of the 'Firm' (royal family) are said to have learned to swim at the palace pool which reportedly doesn't offer a sauna, hot tub or tanning beds. So much for Meghan getting a wedding glow!

Let's take a closer look at Meghan's Pre-Wedding Weight Loss:

Buxom to Bony

Markle appears to have lost multiple dress sizes and at least 20 pounds since her old acting days. The weight loss is especially noticeable in her legs, tummy and torso. 

Slim to Slimmer

At the Endeavour Awards, Meghan sported long black tuxedo pants but her weight loss was still apparent with her thin thighs, flat stomach and skinny arms on display. Before becoming Mrs. Prince Harry, Meghan appeared to have more muscle in her upper body as well as slightly thicker legs and a filled out face.

Full-Figured to Whittled Waif 

While Meghan still appears to have kept some of her curves, her stomach has shrunk and her face has become much less round in the last few months. 

Thin to Twiggy

Just the day prior to the big engagement announcement and leaving Sarah Chapman's skincare studio, Meghan looks rather frail--her legs look smaller than at the Invictus Games with Harry in September. Over the fall, it looks like Meghan has lost more weight. In the past, Meg's thighs were thicker and she appeared to have a fuller midsection.

Round to Rail-Like

Meghan appears to have been shrinking since her days on Suits. After age 35, fat tissue forms around the middle but Meghan has dropped the spare tire. Fighting middle-age spread and perimenopause weight, Meghan appears to have dealt with a burgeoning belly but she likely cut back on alcohol, carbs and sugar to slimdown.

Baby Weight to Blushing Bride

Readying herself to be a royal wife, Meghan has tamed her thicker tummy and toned her arms but she's also lost enough weight and bloat that even her face appears much thinner and less round.

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