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Prince George vs Meghan Markle: The Instagram Posts You Have to See

Prince George is not your average 4-year-old. He recently took up skiing and already is learning Spanish (in addition to mastering English). The son of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, this future King of England is a beloved Brit and media darling. Yet, even toddlers have their own royal rivals. Indeed, it appears that preppy and precocious young George already has an archenemy and her name is Meghan Markle.

American writer and producer Gary Janetti has made little George fire some fierce comments towards Prince Harry's beloved.

Let's take a look...

George attacks Markle's slovenly style with a bit of snark. 

George is no fan of Meghan's ragged distressed jeans and causal button down. 

George questions more of Meghan's frumpy fashion choices. 

George takes aim at Meghan's beloved bathrobe coats. 

Little Georgie calls out the Prince and his bride for their glam-shot engagement photos. 

George finds the extravagant engagement photos to be tacky and tawdry.

George is aghast at Meghan's casino girl meets cocktail waitress outfit. 

George thinks Markle doesn't have enough sparkle.

George is ready to say bye to Aunt Meghan.

George thinks Meghan's legacy won't be much like Diana's. 

George questions Meghan's celebrity. 

 George is unimpressed with Aunt Meg's style choices. 

George is really getting ornery. 

Charlotte's brother is no fan of Suits

Prince George doesn't believe in happily ever after for his Uncle Harry and Duchess Meghan. 

Instagram Photos Credit: @garyjanetti

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