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Did These 5 Experts Predict a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Break-Up?

The media attention around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship has been unprecedented. While the press shy and privacy pleading pair has changed their ways--now, appearing on a royal tour (dubbed the 'Meet Meghan' tour), releasing splashy engagement photos and doing interviews, there is no doubt that is huge interest in this royal couple.

Very few people are able to openly say anything negative about the couple or they were will be bullied and face enormous backlash from online supporters. One group however is immune to such hatred and that is the mystics and experts who only offer opinion and predictions. From handwriting experts to astrologists and psychics, many spiritual and scientific groups have been contacted to weigh-in on the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding union.

So, what does the New Age set think of Prince Harry and his future bride?

Let's take a look.

Kerrie Erwin, Psychic
A Sydney based clairvoyant and medium, Erwin sees a dim future for the ginger haired Prince and his lady love. Erwin predicts a bumpy road for the pair after marriage and claims the couple will find it difficult to see eye to eye on lots of personal issues and will clash due to strong personalities. In addition, Erwin sees a potential baby but feels the relationship will be over in less than five years. (Side note: Erwin sees a pink baby rattle in William and Kate's future.)

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Lyndsay Edwards, Clairvoyant
UK based lightworker and psychic Edwards has received tons of interest in her detailed descriptions of Harry and Meghan's 'troubled' relationship. According to this spell caster and medium, the pair will not even make it to their May 19th wedding! Edwards says that her spirit guide tells her that Harry and Meghan are caught up in a whirlwind romance but begin to have arguments and major disagreements after becoming engaged. Edwards' spirit guide says that Harry will meet someone new after his failed coupling with Markle; she claims his new love will be light-haired, love horses and have a desire for a more private life. Plus, she will also be petite, sweet and polite. Edwards says that Meghan is career-driven and wants to be successful but ultimately is not the best match for Harry. Edwards predicts a breakup in March or April (she also accurately predicted the time of the engagement).

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Barbara Weaver, Handwriting Expert
A handwriting expert or graphologist, Barbara Weaver is used to analyzing relationships, personalities and people merely by the stroke of their pen. An expert in handwriting at the Cambridge School of Graphology, Weaver sees more than a few problems with Harry and Meghan's relationship. Indeed, she says that the two have "opposite personalities" and may struggle to compromise in the future. Weaver claims Harry and Meghan's handwriting is "very different" with former calligrapher Meghan having a more stylized writing with flamboyant strokes and flashy lettering. The graphologist claims Meghan is anxious to make a good impression and has a lot of 'window dressing' to her writing. On the other hand, Harry's large spacing and upright slant to his writing indicates the  need for more space in a relationship as well as signifies a tendency to internalize feelings.

Susan Miller, Astrologist
Regarded by some as one of the world's most famous astrologists, Susan Miller has built a career around the planets, birthdays and divining information from one's chart. Running the Astrology Zone, Miller specializes in horoscopes and readings. What does Miller think about the Harry and Meghan match-up? Well, she's a bit concerned. Interestingly, since Markle is a Leo she is a fire sign and the only fire in the entire royal lineup--Prince Harry is a Virgo (Earth), Queen Elizabeth is a Taurus (Earth), Prince William is a Cancer (Water), Kate Middleton is a Capricorn (Earth) and even Camilla Parker Bowles is a water sign. Meghan is the odd man out. Miller goes on to say that a Virgo-Leo pairing can be "tricky" and the two signs couldn't be more different.

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Judi James, Body Language Expert
Long before the glamorous ruffled Ralph and Russo dress, the $350,000 engagement ring or the Hollywood 'Meet Meghan' tour, there was a pre-Harry-and-Meghan saga that was not unfolding well. In Jamaica (the spot of Meg's first wedding), the prince and his soon-to-be-spouse attended a March 2017 marriage ceremony of a friend of Harry's in Montego Bay. During the reception it was clear to body language expert Judi James that Harry was "bored" of his girlfriend and was intentionally ignoring his California-born lady love. James described their body language as 'strained' and 'awkward.' She went on to say that Meghan repeatedly tried to nab his interest and was 'clinging to him like a wallaby' but he was not having it. James noticed many of the same body language oddities that have been apparent between the pair for some time--including his dangling hand grip, Meghan's excessive clinginess and his apathy and disinterest when she is talking. Either way, Meghan should probably avoid visiting Jamaica in the future. 

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