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Body Language Breakdown: Meghan and Harry at Edinburgh

Meghan and Harry have tried correcting a lot of their previous public behavior that many thought was quite unbefitting a royal pair on their latest 'Meet Meghan' tour stop in Edinburgh. Meghan no longer poses for selfies, signs autographs or blows kisses. Though she does have the same over-the-top effusive expressions and furtive glances. In addition, Meghan has stopped her incessant clinging to Harry's arms and hands that is a tad too demonstrative (though her gripping and grabbing does appear now and then).

And Media Meg isn't the only one trying to recoup her royal reputation. Harry has tried removing his hands from constantly patting his stomach as a self-soothing gesture; in addition, he's given Meg more reciprocal displays of affection and has tried to look less nervous, tense and disgruntled like he did exiting the car in Cardiff. Harry tries his best to be loveable and likeable and acts over-the-top boisterous and cutesy--often dancing, joking and even horsing around with a local Scottish pony at their latest tour junket.

But what does the body language actually say about this pair of paramours?

Let's take a look at Harry and Meghan's Body Language in Scotland:

The Classic Tongue Wag

Image Via Telegraph

Old habits die hard! Meghan was once again seen sticking out her tongue in Edinburgh--it's a bizarre behavior and strange recurring habit for the future duchess. In terms of body language, a deliberate tongue flash is seen as childish and impolite; lip licking is a sign of stress as people experience dry mouth and chapped lips when under strain or especially nervous. A tongue leak is regarded as a high tension signal and can be associated with telling lies.

Wring of Truth

Image Via Hello

For the Scot stop, Harry tried dutifully to quell his tummy patting which he often does in an effort to assuage his nervousness. Instead, Harry tried wringing his hands together over and over. While undoubtedly the ginger haired Prince was cold, clasping and squeezing of the hands is considered a self-pacifying gesture. A person who wrings their hands together is nervous or fearful.

Forehead Fidget

Image Via 710Knus

Meghan played with her hair, stroked her jacket and held her hand to her forehead during their Scottish visit. All the nervous fidgeting and preening gestures indicated her level of uneasiness and stress. Face touching and face rubbing are gestures used to calm one's self and thwart anxiety. In addition, women often use preening and grooming gestures in the animal kingdom to attract men and keep them interested.

Strained Smile

Image Mirror Co UK

One of Meghan's many handlers tried showing her some homemade gifts from the crowd--Meg appeared to offer a tense and forced 'get-me-out-of-here' smile in return. 

Chest in Show

Image Via Mirror Co UK

Despite a valiant effort to not cup his stomach and constantly touch his tummy, Harry falls again into the trap of self-soothing and grasps his pec region. Perhaps it was some kind of signal to the crowd or a respectful gesture? Holding anything in front of the chest is a way to block unwanted attack and protect the body from harm.

Her Cling Man

Image Via Mirror Co UK

Markle doesn't need a wing man--she's got a cling man! Posturing her body up close and personal to Harry, Markle uses both arms to wrap her hands around her Prince property. Look away ladies! He's taken! In the past, Markle was heavily criticized for her grasping and clasping at Harry which looked silly and indicated a bit of insecurity as well as breached the unwritten no-PDA laws of the royal family.

Heir Pair

Image Via Mirror Co UK

In a candid photo captured with just the Prince and his bride, there is noticeable tension. Neither one of the twosome look particularly comfortable or happy and there's a sense of angst. Both of their faces are nearly in a scowl-like expression with a bit of apparent apprehension and exhaustion. Pre-wedding jitters or cold feet?

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