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Behind the Body Language: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the Endeavour Awards

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Prince Harry and Meghan have a weird chemistry. Sometimes they seem to be reveling in their new love and other times they look extremely awkward and even uncomfortable together. Many online commenters thought the couple appeared to be very tense and uneasy on the rainy London night of the Endeavour Awards.

When next to his bride-to-be, Harry frequently places his hand over his stomach indicating a high level of anxiety and nervousness. In fact, he does this so often that many news outlets have even investigated his self-soothing gesture. In almost every snap at the Endevour Awards, Harry had his hand over his stomach!

So, what gives with Harry's constant self-adminstered tummy touching?

The stomach holds the digestive organs and is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body. In addition, the stomach is the area where fear resides. When people are 'sick to their stomach' they feel nauseous and queasy. Plus, they experience tightness and tension in their abdomen which makes them want to curl over and hold their stomach area. The tummy is also home to the 'second brain' and serves as a subconscious center to detect bad feelings (i.e. 'a gut feeling' or a 'gut instinct'). By constantly patting his stomach, Harry is trying to physically comfort himself against stress as well as create a physical barrier between himself and others.

It's rather funny that since meeting the 'love of his life' that Harry suddenly needs to increase his solar plexus stroking. Wouldn't it make sense that he would feel more calm, easygoing and peaceful with his future wife by his side? Prince William seems perfectly content next to wife Kate Middleton. And Harry has no need to guard his stomach when he's comfortable--like next to his brother, William.

Let's take a look at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's unusal body language clues at the Endeavour Awards:

Half a Hand Hold 

Why is Harry always refusing to interlock fingers with Meghan? Is he sending her signals of his discomfort or disinterest?

Harry has this unusual thing he does where he doesn't really want to be holding hands with Meghan so rather than refuse her entirely, he stiffens his fingers and keeps them stretched outward to avoid an interlock. While Meghan always curls her fingers and entangles her grip with Harry's, he frequently finds a way to diffuse the PDA and will make it so his fingers do not intertwine with Meghan's lonesome hand.

When a relationship is troubled or there is a lack of commitment a phenomenon called 'distal touching' occurs wherein there is only brief fingertip touching or short moments of touch. This is a subconscious way to withdraw from the other person and show lack of investment.

Image Via Zap Gossip News

Middle Fiddle

Harry's hand that is closest to Meghan's body is not reaching out for her digits or grabbing her umbrella (which Meg is clearly getting ready to discard) but is instead positioned across his middle. In fact, Harry is clasping his suit and tugging on it -- indicating a high level of anxiousness and a need to cling to his clothing to calm himself subconsciously. Fidgeting is often a tell-tale body clue of deceit, nervousness or lack of confidence.

Image Via Lipstick Alley

Tummy Tickle

Does the ginger prince need some ginger to help with his stomach?

Ventral protection is one of the number one predictors of a faltering relationship. Evolutionarily it was crucial to protect the front of the body and guard the heart, stomach and chest from pain and injury. Even babies and dogs will show off their bellies to indicate a level of comfort and relaxation. In fact, when puppies are comfortable and in a state of serene sleep, they often will lie on their backs with their bellies exposed. When we deny our partners, our most vulnerable ventral sides--we are cutting them off from intimacy and sending signals of denial and distrust.

Image Via Celebzz

Stair-ing Ahead

Once inside Goldsmiths' Hall, Meghan and Harry quickly got down to business and went to meet some of the wounded servicemen to honor them with awards and accolades. When they journeyed up the stairs, there was a noticeable icy moment between Harry and Meghan. While Harry tromped up to the next floor, he left poor Meghan to wobble up the stairs by herself! In fact, there was a large gap between the couple and Harry never looked back to check on his sweetheart who had just come out of the rain and was wearing precariously pointy Manolo Blahnik heels. Hope she's got good balance from all that yoga!

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