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7 Reasons Why Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are Destined to Be Frenemies

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Many have speculated on Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship and plenty of gossip has turned Meghan into a BFF of Kate Middleton. Some reports have claimed that the 'Fab Foursome' of Kate, William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all so close that they regularly hangout together at Kensington Palace where Markle makes traditional British fare like fish and chips and Harry pours tequila shots while they all listen to Coldplay and gossip about Camilla Parker Bowles.

In reality, Kate Middleton has only ever really made one statement wishing the couple (Harry and Meghan) "well" (as if she's a distant relative sending a wedding RSVP with 'no thanks' to a faraway family function). In fact, it seems highly unlikely that this mother of two (soon to be three) wants to hang with Markle during her free time and take tequila shots and wedding plan. Plus, at Sandringham Markle and Middleton never even glanced at one another, let alone had a friendly chat or regularly have slumber parities at Nottingham Cottage.

Still, many U.S. publications seem determined to write splashy and glamorous pieces on Markle and Middleton's supposed budding friendship--almost as if Meghan's PR team is leaking stories for goodwill.

But are Kate and Meghan really destined to be future best friends or frenemies?

Here are 7 Reasons Why Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are Destined to Be Frenemies:

1. Fitness Fiends
Both Markle and Middleton subscribe to intense fitness regimens. Kate has maintained a super slim figure as the Duchess of Cambridge and many have noticed that self-described foodie, Meghan Markle has lost weight (as she looked more fuller figured in the past). Kate and Meghan may feel competitive about staying thinner than one another.

In terms of exercise, Kate loves taking walks and runs around Kensington Palace as well as is rumored to take water ballet at the palace pool. She even reportedly has a love affair with CrossFit. Meanwhile, Meghan prefers candlelight yoga as well as the occasional run and is looking to take SBC classes in London. We doubt Middleton would want to be photographed doing bikini yoga like Meghan!

2. Moms 'R' Us?
Meghan Markle has no children of her own and is going to be 37-years-old in August of this year. Kate, 36,  is set to give birth to her third child and is already the proud mom of Charlotte and George. Kate loves photographing her youngsters and enjoys the "rewarding" experience of being a mom. Markle had two rescue fur babies, but ditched one in Toronto when she moved across the pond to be with Harry. Kate may not approve of Meghan's dog dumping as she and William love their family pet, a pup named Lupo.

3. Food Favorites
Kate Middleton reportedly loves lamb, chutney and spicy curry as well toffee pudding. Meghan on the other hand enjoys french fries, wine, green juice and lots of vegetarian dishes. Weekday vegan Meghan might have trouble eating some of Prince William's favorite dishes like roast chicken and steak.

4. Sisterhood of the Traveling Grants

Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha Grant who is wheelchair bound and has MS, never speaks with her famous kin. In fact, Grant made many disparaging comments about the Suits star. Grant has called the brunette, "a shallow social climber" and "not fit to be in the royal family." Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is extremely close to sister Pippa (who has never bad mouthed her sister) and they spend the holidays together as well as seeing each other frequently.

5. Crowning Glory

Kate Middleton's children could inherit the throne, in order of succession. Prince William could foreseeably be the next King of England. Kate could potentially become Queen Catherine but Markle will likely never be at the top of the royal food chain. Indeed, Prince Harry is fifth in line to rule England. This is bad news for Meghan and her old prom tiara.

6. Priorities
Kate Middleton will have her hands full as a mom of three toddlers. Meghan on the other hand is more interested in hanging out with friends, taking (but not posting) selfies and trying new cooking recipes. In addition, Meghan loves to travel, indulges in facials and can't wait to try new restaurants. Kate doesn't have the time for all of Meghan's carefree activities.

7. Public Perception
Kate will likely not want to 'hang' with Markle as she will have a good read that the public's perception of her is very mixed. Many people like Wendy Williams and radio star Kate Hawkesby have called Markle "opportunistic" and not trustworthy. Hawkesby says that Meghan is 'fake' and not very good at telling the truth; she was unimpressed with Meghan's denial of knowing anything about the royals or Prince Harry (only asking, "Is he nice?"). In addition, the radio announcer thinks Meg's haute couture gowns and messy bun hairdos are tacky. Finally, Hawkesby thinks Harry is temporarily infatuated and warns that "infatuation is not love."

Williams called Markle an 'actress' and implied that snagging the Prince was a bit of a theatrical performance for the former Rachel Zane; the TV talk host pointed out that Markle was extremely fame hungry (even reportedly trying to get a gig at Williams' show).  In addition, Williams also  thinks the prince and Markle will not last as the Los Angeles born brunette has far too much family baggage and a messy and complicated past. Williams believes the Suits star's family drama will cause Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to ultimately split up.

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