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5 Signs that Prove Meghan Markle is Turning Into King Ralph

The movie King Ralph starring John Goodman and Peter O'Toole is a comical look at what it would be like if an American took over the British throne; it's a story eerily similar to the makings of Meghan Markle. Goodman's character, Ralph Jones, struggles to learn the rules of royalty and master life as a monarch. 

The former American slob must ditch his bottled beer, Rock and Roll t-shirts and scruffy baseball caps in order to become the Head of the Commonwealth and King of Great Britain after a freak accident wipes out the entire royal family. While luckily Meghan is not taking over as the Queen of England after a tragedy--she must still get her bearings as a future Duchess.

Meghan will need to learn quickly on the job if she wants to succeed in adapting to her new role as a British wifey. Much like Ralph, Meghan will have to ditch her American ways--No more selfies! No more ripped jeans! No more vulgar rainbow nail polish or board games!

Looks like Meghan had better keep up her routine of Princess Bootcamp just like Ralph's Tudor-training.

Here are 5 Signs Meghan Markle is Turning Into King Ralph:

1. Game of Thrones

Meghan and Ralph both have practiced wearing royal accessories. Meghan sported a tiara for prom while Ralph had to practice wearing his new head gear in the bathtub! 

2. Stately Scrub-a-dub-dub

Markle and Ralph love a good luxurious bath. Markle prefers indulging in La Mer cleansers and lotions during her soak while the King enjoys an ice cold beer.

3. Ready to Reign

Markle poses outside the palace walls long before she was destined to become a future royal. Meanwhile, Ralph looks ready to report for duty as London's leader. 

4. Peasant Party

King Ralph and Meghan sport similar gray coats as they greet the throngs of plebeians ready to shake their hands and have a brush with the rich and famous. 

5. Dinner for One

Meghan and Ralph must subscribe to rules of royal etiquette to survive high society. No more takeout pizza or late night Chinese food!

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