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6 Biggest Scandals Facing Meghan Markle Since She Met Prince Harry

For a woman who once tried to get into a Golden Globes party and find a job at the Wendy Williams show, Markle has come a long way. With a Master's degree in Hustle, Markle has done the unthinkable and bagged herself a prince.

Yet, the soon-to-be Windsor wife has already faced intense criticism and skepticism about her new relationship with Prince Harry. From a flawed family to bankrupt parents and starter marriages, Meghan has endured a past with loads of drama and dysfunction. As she's learning, taking media heat is the price you pay for romancing a royal.

Before Meghan can officially don a tiara as the Duchess of Sussex she has had to face a lot of controversy.

Here are the 6 Biggest Scandals Meghan Markle has Faced Since Meeting Prince Harry:

1. Bare on the Beach

RadarOnline reportedly acquired photos of a woman sunbathing topless on the beach who they previously claimed were pictures of Meghan in Greece. The scandalous photos were taken off the website and removed rather quickly after being released online. An apology statement was issued to Ms. Markle regarding the photos due to the threat of legal action.

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2. Friend Fallout

Ninaki Priddy, Meghan's best friend in childhood and throughout her teenage years as well as her maid of honor in her first wedding revealed some startling revelations about the future Princess. Namely, that Meghan was obsessed with the royals as a youngster, that she was very ambitious and that her former friend became a manufactured and exaggerated version of herself after achieving some level of fame. Priddy revealed that Meg was changed by Suits and that her "eternal love" Trevor was swiftly kicked to the curb for her friends at SoHo house and celebrity chef Cory. Priddy also claims Meghan became "very calculated about handling friendship and being strategic with her relationships."

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3. Meghan the Orphan?

In a BBC radio interview in December of 2017, Prince Harry claimed that the royals were embracing Meghan as their own and serving as the  "family she never had." People were outraged as it appeared that not only did Meghan have a doting dad, caring mother and a large extended family, she also had relatives and in-laws from her first marriage. In addition, she was sent to private schools and given many opportunities based on her parents' hard work. Harry seemed to think Markle was practically an orphan raised by wolves.

Image The Sun

4. She Doesn't Give a Cluck

Meghan's infamous Ralph and Russo feathered dress will go down in history for creating a fashion firestorm. Not only was the cost of the dress staggering, many people were dismayed by the sheer style of the extravagant ball gown. Reportedly privately purchased by the royal family, many claimed Markle was not wearing a bra during her tradition-smashing style. Some thought the style was not "dignified" enough for a future royal and that the elitist price tag was a bit outlandish. Even Newsweek Magazine called the dress very "Vegas" and an odd choice and more "appropriate for a red carpet event."

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5. Suit Yourself

From tuxedos for formal evening events to ripped jeans at the Invictus Games to mismatched earrings and messy bun hairdos, Meghan has become an extreme royal rebel. She frequently says no to dress coats like Kate Middleton and prefers pants, clunky booties and large satchels. Shirking years of tradition and royal etiquette for dressing according to her own style philosophy, Meghan is giving the fashion middle finger to the British monarchy.

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6. Vanity Share

Newly dating, Prince Harry was alarmed and worried about his girlfriend under a bunch of tabloid and media scrutiny, so he issued a statement begging for privacy. Following his beseeching statement, Meghan suddenly appeared all over newsstands in Vanity Fair's October 2017 issue. WTF? Not only was it seen as 'improper' for Meghan to share details of her royal romance but it was also a bit hypocritical after Harry's pleas for privacy. The Queen and Prince Charles were reportedly 'not happy' with Meghan's 'Wild About Harry' interview.

Image Via Vanity Fair

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