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15 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Like Kate Middleton

Soon, Kate Middleton will share the dinner table and the media spotlight with her brunette sister-in-law. Though the two grew up in very different worlds, both share similar physical characteristics like long glossy brunette locks, thin frames and even a matching lip mole. Despite their new family status, they've actually been twinning for a while. Or perhaps Meghan has been a CopyKate for some time!

Let's take a look at 15 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Like Kate Middleton:

1. In the Navy

Both brunette 30-somethings look matchy matchy in double breasted navy coats. Kate goes for a pleated dress style while Meghan sticks to her beloved long trench jackets. 

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2. Out of the Blue

While Meghan's dress has a sculptural style and appears almost as if it has a peplum waist, Kate's blue evening wear belongs in the same cobalt family but is more streamlined with shoulder straps and a v-neck. Both ladies opted for black shoes with the jewel toned gowns.  

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3. Flower Power

Kate looks like an English rose and both ladies are blossoming in these midi length floral sheath dresses which are colorful and chic.

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4. Blushing Beauties

Kate and Meghan enjoy a good pale pink dress any day of the week. Both women also love nude heels!

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5. Red Alert

Back off boys, these two are taken! Both London ladies covet a cherry red dress to make an #extra entrance.

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6. Pleated Perfection

The tan twosome look elegant in knee-length dresses with pleats and ruching details. Markle's dress also has a big bulky bow embellishment but Kate keeps it sophisticated with a simple choker necklace.

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7. Tweed-le Do

Both Meghan and Kate love long winter outwear and these grayish-brown tweed wool numbers keep them cozy in spite of the brisk English temperatures.

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8. Shimmer and Shine

A young and dewey Kate looks effervescent in her all black sequin dress, Markle sports a similar off-the-shoulder style for a media event. 

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9. Maxi Moment

Make they're long lost sisters? Kate and Meghan look equally garden glam with long floral maxi dresses with tiered ruffled skirts but the Duchess wore the big blossom number to a gala in 2015--way before Meghan!

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10. Forever Plaid 

Both potential future Queen Catherine and Duchess Meghan wear Prince of Wales plaid to formal functions. 

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11. Basic Black

Call them sophisticated socialites with their black dresses, pointy pumps and long brunette locks.

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12. Show White

Both Kate and curtsy challenged Meghan chose flirty white dresses with similarly detailed skirts. While Meghan's is a little more showy at the bust with a large revealing cutout, Kate goes demure with tiny lace-like crochet. 

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13. Lace to the Finish

Kate and Meghan wear long sleeved lace dresses to parties out on the town--Kate goes for black while Meghan opts for navy.

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14.  Give them the Slip

Markle wore a Club Monaco red and white slip dress for a recent Suits party while Kate donned a similar embroidered Alexander McQueen for a Canadian tour. Both ladies opted for sizzling red heels.

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15. Snowflake Sisters

Dazzling in white, Kate and Meghan love a good large lapel white coat. The frosty shade is flattering for both brown-haired castle dwellers but many thought Meg's coat was a bit bathrobe

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