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The Konmari Closet Method: Adopting Principles of this Minimalist Mindset to Style Your Life

Childhood is anything but easy. Choosing a daily outfit for school was always a long and laborious process that usually ended with a bedroom floor swathed in clothing rejects. What’s trendy? What’s cool? What won’t get me bullied on the playground? Our final clothing choice would usually be an outfit overloaded with bad ideas and more colors, textures and embellishments than were necessary for making the style grade.

As grown-ups we suffer from the same sartorial scars of youth. We want to be polished, approachable and cool. We want to feel comfortable and look effortless. We want to feel confident in that adult-who-means-business kind of way. In order to achieve liberation from our days of more is more, we need to adopt a fresh outlook, a new mindset. 2018 can be your year to live simply and to focus on less stuff and less stress. 

The way to fashion freedom and minimalist living can be done by adopting a Konmari attitude. Here are a few of the life-changing tenets of this minimalist mindset that can be applied to your closet. 

Determine if Each Item Sparks Joy
One perfect party dress in a neutral hue like earthy burgundy or forest ivy will make you feel timeless and beautiful. Rather than suffer a closet full of wild, wacky or weird dresses, sticking to the basics makes everything easier. You’ll reach for the same simple slip on frock or jersey stretch dress every season. After all, who doesn’t want a little wiggle room?

Visualize Your Destination
Years from now do you want to have wasted precious time digging through your wardrobe of wear-it-once graphic tee shirts, loud blouses and forgettable sweaters or would you rather be living a life dedicated to calm, simplicity and ease? A closet should be a refuge of readily wearable pieces that mix and match seamlessly and are ready to throw on in a moment’s notice. Trust us, you’ll gravitate towards the basics year after year as those pieces will make life more harmonious and happy. Basic black, simple slate and soft pink will minimize style stress and make life run smoothly. 

Discard Before You Place Things Back
Take stock and rid your wardrobe of all those pieces that don’t ring true to your aesthetic or ethics. Opt for chic monochromatic pieces that can be shuffled around all your style staples. Suddenly, easy dressing is no longer an obsession, but rather a lifestyle. Create a signature look that is perfect for every occasion, every season and every moment. Now, you’re too cool for school.

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