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The Chosen 5: Meghan Markle's Make Believe Bridesmaids

Meghan Markle has become a very polarizing figure. While some people are in love with the idea of a fairy tale romance and a commoner becoming the wife of a Prince (though Kate Middleton was also considered a 'commoner'), others are not so sure about Markle's dubious past and fickle taste in men. While it's fun to speculate on whether this pair who have mostly only dated long distance and are still in the 'honeymoon' stage of their relationship will last, it's also entertaining to wonder which other celebrities could fill Media Meg's bridesmaid roster.

Here are a few picks for the future Duchess of Sussex:

1. Amber Heard, Maid of Honor
With quite a few more real actress roles than Markle, Amber seems to share a few things in common with the cable network star. For starters, she loves to meet rich, successful men like Johnny Depp and then subsequently marry them within a short time frame, followed by a quickie divorce (similar to Meg and Trevor Engelson). Heard went on to dump Depp following a tumultuous relationship right into the arms of Elon Musk (his net worth is a paltry 20.6 billion)

2. Hilaria Baldwin
This yogi and mom is much like Markle and wears a lot of different hats. She's a cookbook author, Instagram model, runner, wife, lifestyle correspondent and wellness expert. Much like Meghan, Hilaria didn't really have a recognizable face or much of a career before meeting her Mr. Rich and Famous, Alec Baldwin. Both girls would be great friends as they love high profile men, yoga and green juice!

3. Heather Mills
Many people online have drawn comparisons between Meghan Markle and Heather Mills. Maybe it's their equal interest in championing charitable causes--Mill's is passionate about helping amputees and  has received awards for her philanthropic efforts. Or maybe it's because both women fell in love with a very wealthy British man. Mills married Beatles star Paul McCartney in 2002 and split after some time apart in 2006; they had one child together. Both Markle and Mills are London ladies now and are interested in the vegan lifestyle (for Meg only during weekdays). 

4. Katie Lee
Katie Lee met famous musician Billy Joel at a rooftop bar while visiting New York City one weekend. The romance between the pair was much like Meg and Harry--very unexpected and surprising.  Lee was decades younger than musician Joel and they seemingly had little in common. Meeting Joel helped catapult Lee's cooking career. Five years after they said 'I do' they were divorced with rumors swirling of Katie's affair with a younger man (in her age bracket). Lee and Markle are both fanatical foodies and enjoy blogging and writing about gourmet dining and entertaining. 

5. Miranda Kerr
Meghan Markle and Miranda could be total besties! Both ladies love beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyles. In addition, model Miranda has a sonar for successful men. Orlando Bloom was Miranda's first hubby but his pitiful net worth of 35 million was not tolerable too long. After their romance ended Kerr married technology tycoon Evan Spiegel who's net worth is estimated at 3.5 billion! Miranda and Meghan could gossip about their cougar game (Kerr is 34, Spiegel is 27) and discuss the importance of making babies quickly after getting married. #fastfamily #lovelockdown 

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