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Royal Recap and Shop the Look: Media Meg Visits a Radio Station

Me-again has made another appearance with Harry--trying to charm the public and keep her tongue to herself. The former Suits actress and Harry visited Brixton, London to check out the work of 24-hour youth radio station Reprezent on Tuesday following their vacation to the French Riviera.

At this recent public appearance Meghan appeared to be auditioning for some kind of pageant--she was giggly, blowing kisses and acting shy and coy. Smart to keep her mouth covered so that wily tongue doesn't escape! Many thought the constant hand holding between the pair is getting a tad tired and is a bit off-putting since they're not lovesick teenagers. And others thought their second event together (first public showing in 2018) was a bit laughable considering they've claimed to have been dating over a year a half and have only attended two 'charitable' functions.

Operation Woo the Public is no easy task for this twosome who have been harshly criticized for their extravagant spending and displacing the homeless prior to their splashy wedding in May (they're humanitarians, right?). Both have been called 'royal leeches' and attention seekers by the commenters on the Daily Mail.

Meghan seemed to enjoy all the adulation from the crowd, which is odd considering her major achievements have been relegated to dumping a husband, dumping a live-in boyfriend and shacking up with a new guy (i.e. Prince Harry). Oh and lest we forget, performing oral sex on film. Not really a war hero, is she?

Still, this California born actress is going to play the part of future Princes Perfect hard. For this occasion she broke out her a wool trench coat (she loves bathrobe coats) and an all black ensemble plus a messy bun (with much less total hair than at her engagement presentation) to try and win some public praise. The DailyMail quickly pulled a story about her messy chignon and needing a new 'hairdresser' and changed the title of its piece on her hair from 'Time to Find a New Hairstylist' to 'Doing it the Markle Way!'

Sparkle Markle also wore a thumb ring that many people thought was tacky as well as a dainty gold bangle.

For the radio visit, Markle wore a long wool gray trench by Smythe Brando jacket (you can find the coat for $995 HERE or a similar look HERE for $31), black wide-leg flared pants by Burberry and a black sweater by Marks and Spencer with a gray scarf from Jigsaw. The whole ensemble just screams Victoria Beckham (even the pulled-back hair which is a VB signature) who coincidentally is a new best friend. Markle loves copying style trends from others--like Carolyn Bessette, Kate Middleton and even the Kardashians.

Many felt the radio station drop-in was another Kensington Palace PR move to try and win Meghan some public approval. Others felt Meghan should be more private (she only just shut down her social media accounts), more discrete (no more Vanity Fair interviews, K?) and less showy since Mrs. Prince Harry is older in age than Kate and Wills (Meghan is 36).

Only time will tell if these two smitten lovebirds will go the distance. Maybe the radio station should've played a tune like "Everybody Plays the Fool" dedicated to Harry.

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