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Royal Recap: 13 Strange Things at the Cardiff Circus with Harry and Meghan

On their first official visit to Wales, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were a bit late due to train trouble. Despite the tardiness, they managed to take in the action of a Welsh culture festival; they sampled Welsh cake, listened to a Welsh boys choir and were presented with Welsh love spoons. Meghan and Harry greeted crowds waving the Welsh flag and posed for pictures. In addition, they watched a dance performance and socialized with school children at Cardiff Castle.

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The ginger Prince and his beloved also managed to break tradition and royal protocol left and right during their strange visit to the capital and largest city in Wales. In fact, the pair were compared to the Kardashians with an op-ed piece on the Daily Mail addressed to "Miss Markle" condemning the spectacle and showboat nature of their forced and fakery-filled trip. In fact, their whole pre-wedding tour is a bit hard to stomach following their pleas for privacy; the turnaround from royals who need space to royals in your face just reeks of hypocrisy. 

Many online commenters were disgusted with the 'celebrity' nature of Meghan's and Harry's PR tour and thought the 'touchy feely' nature of their Wales visit was downright desperate and deplorable. Harry asked for group hugs for Meghan and there were high-fives, autograph signing and selfies. It's doubtful the Queen would approve of such immature and silly behavior from a royal couple. Are Harry and Meghan on a mission to improve their public image? If so, it's not working. 

Let's take a look at 13 Strange Things at the Cardiff Circus with Harry and Meghan: 

1. Happy Harry?
The whole Cardiff curiousness started with Harry's expression of boredom and dread when he exited the car in Wales. Part of their down-to-earth and humble royals 'act' for the public is obviously lacking sincerity when Harry's real feelings start to leak out with his body language

2. Meghan's Funeral Fashion
As if dressed for a funeral, Meghan wore a mix of expensive designer brands benefitting various charities with her mostly black on black ensemble. While the intent is noble, her costly clothing could've gone a long way towards providing food, clothing, shelter and supplies to disadvantaged groups. Meghan also wore a Prince of Wales checkered top and brought along her tassel flap green DeMellier bowler bag. Many thought it comical that Meghan needed a purse as if she was out for a day of shopping--couldn't she have left her bag in the car? She also wore jeans and a had her hair styled in a messy bun--not exactly the flawless and polished Kate Middleton@Wales look. 

Image Via Daily Mail

3. Curtsy Cringe
The Queen and higher ranking royals are curtsied to but newbie and commoner Meghan received a full kneel from a woman in Cardiff. People were aghast and extremely bothered with this display. As Meghan has performed sex acts on television, worn skimpy maid costumes and nothing but a bra and panties on cable, it's hard to imagine why she's deserving of such ultimate reverence. Also, people were outraged that Harry has known Meghan for a little less than two years and she's already receiving the 'royal treatment.'

4. Kiss and Don't Tell 
Meghan also tried hard to charm and ingratiate herself by acting warm, friendly and receptive to kisses from commoners. Once again, it's against royal protocol to receive such demonstrative expressions of affection from members of the public.

Image Via Daily Mail

5. Exuberant!!! Expressions
Meghan's facial expressions were often incredibly loud and expressive. Reading as though she was trying too hard to be charming and approachable, Meghan's face was uber-enthusiastic in a very unnatural way. Lacking the adorable and genuine warmth of Kate Middleton, Sparkle Markle often looks like she's walking the red carpet or at some sort of pageant or sorority event. She also frequently looked *surprised*, dismayed and humbled by all the attention. Some even compared Meghan's wacky and wild expressions to Fergie Duchess of York and her oftentimes inappropriate and outlandish facial expressions.

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6. Meghan Mania
Selife sticks were used. Meghan obliged royal groupies with a few photos and lots of forced smiles. Online commenters claim Meghan regularly looks for and watches the paparazzi at these engagement events--whereas Kate doesn't pay much attention to the media swarms. 

Image Via Hello Magazine

7. Get a Grip
Meghan seems to have gotten the memo not to cling to Harry every second--but old habits die hard.

8. Group Hug
On a recent school visit, Kate Middleton wisely shook hands and only hugged children who initiated the sweet gesture. Harry on the other hand asked for a "group hug for Meghan" which many online commenters thought was very strange and a little tacky. Not to mention awkward. Harry and Meghan's security team was likely thrilled with all these intimate and gushy embraces with the public. 

Image Via Lainey Gossip

9. High Fives
Royals are just like us! They give high fives, they hug and they take pictures with their phones! Harry and Media Meg were all about the palm to palm greeting. 

Image Via Diana Legacy

10. Grabby Meghan
She doesn't just subject Harry to her clingy claws--she also makes little girls her prey. Meghan again demonstrated her tendency to assault arms with her usual Harry hook

11. Autographs From Her Majesty Meghan
Though she technically didn't sign her name, Meghan wasn't really supposed to be drawing or writing notes at the tour stop in Wales.

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12. Heart Holding
Harry once again shows an extreme level of discomfort and ill ease with his self-soothing gestures including a hand over his heart and frequent chest coddling

Image Via Fox Reno

13. The Tongue is Back!
Meghan was back to lip licking and tongue twisting. Commenters online thought she needed a new lip gloss and noted it was incredibly tacky and off-putting to be wagging a tongue around at royal events. Some even said Meghan was looking "creepy" and "challenged" with all her weird tongue movements. 

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