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Prince Harry's Secret Blonde and 5 Girls Who Could've Been His Wife

It was a strange July night for Prince Harry; his girlfriend of a year, Meghan Markle, was miles away in Canada and he was feeling frisky and lonely at the British Summer Time Festival. Out with his buddies, he enjoyed a few beers and became increasingly chatty with his friend's girlfriend, Alexandria Jackson. In fact, Alex was even dubbed by some media outlets to be his "mystery blonde." Sitting thisclose to the flaxen haired beauty last summer, Prince Harry tried to engage his pretty pal and almost looked like he was going to kiss her on more than one occasion. In contrast to the strange body language with Meghan, Harry was the one making the effort; he was taking selfies of just the two of them (with a photo bomb by a waiter) and trying to capture her attention with lots of conversation and flirty body language. One news outlet even said Prince Harry was "cheating" as his chemistry with Alex seemed so strong, while another outlet reported that he unbuttoned his shirt during the course of the evening.

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Alexandria definitely seems like Harry's type--with nymph-like features, a passing resemblance to Princess Diana and a strong lookalike quality to Harry's previous girlfriends like Camila Romestrand, this slim blonde checks all of Harry's boxes. In addition, Los Angeles based Alexandria is a producer and has degrees in Political Science and a Master's in film; she's a dedicated philanthropist and is well-traveled, interested in the environment and enjoys photography. Unlike Meghan, Alex doesn't have a very active online presence or a racy past.

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One major problem for Harry -- she's in a relationship with Thomas van Straubenzee, his best friend. Perhaps all his drinking that night was a bit of a way to anesthetize the sting of his unrequited love?

Besides Alexandria, who are some other girls that could've been Harry's future bride?

Let's take a look at the 5 Girls Who Could've Been Prince Harry's Wife:

1. Jenna Coleman

Prince Harry reportedly got flirty with this English actress and model following a polo match. The 31-year-old buxom brunette is best known as a soap opera star on Emmerdale. During the June 2015 encounter with Harry, there was reportedly was lots of laughing, flirting and touching but Coleman was dating Game of Thrones star Richard Madden at the time. Sorry Harry!

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2. Joss Stone
Grammy winner Stone and Harry were photographed together on numerous occasions. Stone called him "shy" but also said he was a "fun human being." The British songstress and the royal enjoyed a close flirty friendship and Harry loved to greet Stone with big hugs.

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3. Elizabeth Marks
Prince Harry enjoyed a playful and boisterous exchange with the swimmer and athlete Elizabeth Marks during the Invictus Games. The pair were spotted hanging out and exchanging flirty eyes and kisses, unfortunately Sergeant Marks was married and unavailable.

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4. Pippa Middleton
Harry and Pippa were an ideal pair according to the media; they loved to speculate that these two were an item all the time. Despite the countless reports, 34-year-old Pippa and 33-year-old Harry never seemed to have that romantic spark, still, many claim Meghan Markle bears a striking resemblance to Kate Middleton's younger sister.

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5. Ellie Goulding
Prince Harry enjoyed getting close and cozy to 31-year-old Ellie Goulding at various events. The redheaded royal was fond of the "Anything Can Happen" singer and they hung out at the Invictus Games and polo matches. Ginger babies on the brain? Nope. Goulding quickly shot down rumors of her carrying the Prince's baby.

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