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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Dolls: Cringey or Cute?

Shirley Corsey from New Jersey has added Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dolls to her HistoryWearz store on Etsy. Originally criticized for her first attempt at the future married couple, Corsey decided to redo her initial doll design (though all the dolls are still for sale) and create an updated version of the two royal lovebirds.

The original version is $175 as is the new version.

Corsey's original design had Harry with darker brunette hair, brown eyes and outfitted in a Prince Charming ensemble. The new dolls have Harry dressed as a Royal marine, Meghan with a slightly different skin tone, Harry with lighter eyes and more ginger-red hair.

Can't afford both 18 inch dolls?

Meghan is also sold separately as a Princess Bride for $109.

Meghan and Harry aren't the only ones who have been made into waxy playthings. Collectible Barbie William and Catherine dolls were made in honor of their April 29th 2011 wedding. The dolls look to be highly stylized with Kate Middleton wearing her wedding tiara and veil and Prince William in full uniform.

Princess Diana dolls are also a popular collector's item with some doll fanatics amassing a large collection of the figurines.

Image Via Diana Collecting

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