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Meghan Markle's Raunchy and Ridiculous Resume Revealed

While Meghan Markle has long touted her work with the UN--which was actually a brief college internship at the US Embassy in Argentina during her senior year of college and most likely served as an easy way to finish earning credits for her international relations (and drama) degree and to spend time abroad, this former Deal or No Deal girl did not actually have a resume chocked full of do-gooder missions and political pursuits. In fact, beyond her UN internship and title of Global Ambassador for World Vision --which she promptly quit after meeting Heartthrob Harry, this former model and blogger, had a resume filled with strange skills and odd work history.

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TMZ has apparently acquired the old CV of Meghan but it appears to have been taken down (Meg's PR posse at work?). Still, media outlets were able to get the dirty details on Meg's embellished and exaggerated resume talents she cooked up before she landed her role on Suits. With many online commenters have criticized Markle for being "fake" and "phony"--this bizarre and bedecked resume might not help matters.

One commenter online even begged, "Will the real Mrs. Rachel Engelson Please Stand Up?"

Here are 7 Surprises from Meghan's Raunchy and Ridiculous Resume:

1. She Plays Every Single Sport
On her resume Meghan claims to be a total jock. She's apparently good at "baseball, swimming, horseback riding, snowboarding and even baton twirling." Cringe.

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2. She Does Way More than Downward Dog
This future Duchess is practically a superhero--beyond being a yogi, apparently Markle is versed in more than a dozen forms of dance! Who even knew there were even that many types of dance?

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3. She's a Musical Genius
Does Harry know that Meghan sings pop and country, plays the guitar, drums and finger cymbals? Hopefully they give rumored performers Ed Sheeran and Beyonce the boot from their wedding entertainment line-up and let Meghan take the mic!

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4. She's Trilingual
According to her old resume Markle speaks not one, not two but three different languages! Pretty soon she'll revise her CV and add "chicken roasting" and "curtsying" to her wide range of skills.

5. She's also a Juggler?
Meghan is apparently an expert with balls.

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6. Did She Mention She Was a Masseuse?
Now, this is just getting strange.

7. She Knows How to Pole
Under 'miscellaneous skills'-- most people might put scrapbooking, photoshop or even party planning but Markle actually lists "stripping" as one of her in-demand skills for professional employment. It's a safe bet Harry doesn't mind some of Meg's special skills.

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