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Meghan Markle's Mysterious Jewelry Messages Decoded

Ever since Meghan wore the telling 'Husband' shirt to the Invictus games before a proposal from Harry was even simmering, people have wondered what else Meg is trying to declare with her wardrobe and jewelry choices. Seemingly a tad audacious pre-proposal, Markle wore a shirt from the clothing line of her Fairy Godmother matchmaker, Misha Nonoo. Markle owes her big time for setting her and Harry up on a "blind date."

Now, with an engagement ring on her finger, Markle can settle into marriage planning while making appearances with her royal fiancé. At every occasion, Markle loves to sparkle! From thumb rings to letter necklaces and dainty studs, it seems Meghan is always making some statement with her accessories.

Here are a few of Meghan Markle's Mysterious Jewelry Messages Decoded:

1. Opal Earrings

For her splashy engagement photos, Meg elected to wear Birks earrings made of yellow gold and opal (Les Plaisirs de Birks Yellow Gold and Opal Earrings). Costing around $1000, the earrings quickly sold out as did the matching pendant and a rose gold version of the studs. The stone is reportedly good for clearing a distorted body image, self-consciousness and helps the wearer to overcome insecurities about physical imperfections (which makes sense considering the amount of plastic surgery Meg has undergone). In addition, opal reportedly brings the wearer prosperity, beauty, love and romance as well as enhancing joy in marital life.

The future Duchess of Sussex also likely was attracted to opal as it helps a person achieve a good reputation in society, increase the odds of marriage and makes someone's personality more attractive. Interestingly Queen Victoria had a large collection of opals and wore them throughout her reign. Queen Elizabeth also has worn opals (perhaps Meghan is trying to win Her Majesty's approval) including the Andamooka Opal (also known as the Queen's Opal).

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2. Snowflake Earrings

Another day, another expensive piece from Birks. Meghan opted to wear the Birks Snowflake Large Round Jacket Earrings for her trip to Sandringham House as well as to Christmas lunch with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The 18-carat white gold and diamond earrings cost around $6,000.

Kate Middleton often wears similar round, diamond studs as well as diamonds that dangle just a bit. Pippa Middleton also has a fondness for round diamond studs. Prior to meeting Harry, Meghan was rarely photographed in diamond earrings of any kind or opals for that matter. She would occasionally opt for chunky costume jewelry styles or often go bare. Wearing diamonds seems to be a relatively new style choice for this future Duchess.

The symbolism behind a snowflake? They represent perfection, purity and have a connection to heaven. Perhaps Meghan is trying to erase all memories of her past exploits like beer pong at her first wedding.

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3. Gold Bar Earrings

For their Brixton radio visit, Meghan chose Birks gold bar earrings in 18-carat gold. With a measly price tag of just under $400, even a commoner might someday be able to afford these gold studs! Meghan loves bar shaped jewelry and even wore a Michael Kors bar pendant necklace on season five of Suits

Meghan has worn this gold ear bling in the past for globetrotting; she wears it for casual and semi-formal occasions.

A cross bar or bar is meant to symbolize strength, resiliency and determination. 

Bar earrings can be worn vertically or horizontally and add a touch of trendiness to an ordinary outfit. We bet Meg likes her bar earrings as it's a popular jewelry choice for celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore

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4. Thumb Rings

People went wild when Meghan opted to wear three gold bands including a thumb ring for her radio visit in Brixton. Many called the thumb accessories "junk jewelry" and "tacky." Still, Meghan has long loved to wear a few gold bands on her thumb.

Palmistry professionals claim thumb rings are indicative of someone who is controlling, calculating and seeking power. They claim women who wear thumb rings will be difficult wives. A woman who wears a thumb ring is asserting herself and declaring her independence and freedom.

In addition, a thumb ring can symbolize a willingness to experiment sexually as well as a symbol signifying sexual orientation. Furthermore, it can indicate relationship status. Historically, a ring placed on the left thumb meant the wearer was in a relationship, whereas the right thumb meant the individual was single. Meghan has to wear her trifecta of gold rings on her right as her left hand is reserved for her engagement ring.

In the past, Meghan has worn the Birks yellow gold flex wrap ring with a price tag of nearly $1300 for traveling and sightseeing.

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5. Dash Earrings

For the Invictius games and her first appearance with Harry, Meghan wore Zofia diamond dash earring studs costing around $600.

The demure dash earrings look similar to her beloved bar style only with a more triangular design. The slightly tough tomboy jewelry Meghan prefers (she also has worn a railroad spike cuff bracelet) indicates a desire to be ambitious, strong and determined.

Dash earrings can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the wearer's mood. Meg likes jewelry that she can change and arrange. Maybe it has something to do with her diva antics and temper tantrums (according to her ex-husband)?

We bet Meg will dash down the aisle to make it official with her second husband, Harry.
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