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Meghan Markle's 6 Worst Fashion Flubs Since Meeting Prince Harry

Meghan Markle has not passed the Royal Family application test with flying colors. In fact, her report card would likely say she's earned a D for Disaster so far. Making major missteps at every turn, Markle has won condemnation and criticism for her often outrageous demeanor, dress and decorum. While she's only been photographed with the Prince a handful of times, she's still created a fashion firestorm on nearly every occasion. From overpriced custom gowns that could pay a year's salary to ragged and ripped jeans, no one is going to accuse Markle of being a fashionista or in the running to be the next Kate Middleton.

Here are Meghan Markle's Six Worst Fashion Flubs Since Meeting Prince Harry:

1. A Rip Roaring Good Time
Meghan Markle to Her Stylist Prior to Her First Public Outing with Harry at the Invictus Games in Toronto:
Meghan: What should I wear today? Crop top? Jeggings? Holographic Spandex Shorts?
Stylist: Well, it's your first public appearance with the Prince, maybe something more classy.
Meghan: But I want to be comfortable! I really think I could rock a pair of loose track pants.
Stylist: Meghan, the whole world will be watching. Maybe something casual but more sophisticated, a nice dress perhaps?
Meghan: Nah, my favorite disheveled airport look should suffice. After all, it's just some sporting event for handicapped people. I mean I wear this type of thing all time--like even for yoga class.
Stylist: I know you love ripped jeans for yoga and travel but I mean you'll be representing the royal family now.
Meghan: But I love a good messy button-up shirt for errands and jeans with holes are so cute!
Stylist: Meghan, you can't wear something like this for an official function. You could get a lot of bad press for looking too sloppy and casual. You could be accused of looking homeless! Tattered jeans with a frayed hem are not becoming of a future Princess!
Meghan: Hmmm....I think I will wear my favorite Tarjay jeans! They're so hip and cool just like me!
Stylist: I give up

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2. A Sh*t Show
Markle never manages to score a fashion home run despite having access to any designer imaginable with no restrictive budget. For her much debated Sandringham Christmas attire, Ms. Furture Prince Harry donned a brown hat from Philip Treacy. Not a full-on fascinator, this asymmetrical felt swirl hat was a tad strange. A sepia brown shade made it appear more like something you'd find in a toilet bowl rather than a chic headwear accessory. Many people compared this wacky hat to a poop emoji. Clearly, Meghan must be pooped out from all the drama and debate over her worthiness to join the royal family. Previously Meghan wore a desperate husband shirt to tell the world she was in love and set to wed the Prince. What message is she sending with this stunt? Maybe IBS support?

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3. Sheer Madness
Markle and Harry have managed to fan the flames of serious cynicism over their upcoming nuptials with their behavior. Many people have called Meghan a Z-list actress/social climber/manipulator and sanctimonious self-promoter. Halfwit Harry (as he's been called) seems blinded by love and has submitted to every one of Meghan's whims including wearing a bizarre sheer Vegas-esque Ralph & Russo ball gown with a tiered feathery skirt for their official engagement photos. An odd choice for the setting of the photos (outdoor garden), this leafy embellished gown cost a jaw-dropping $75,000. While Harry and Princess Pushy claim to be humanitarians (though Markle's PR team could only find examples of her charity to have occurred at the age of 13 when mandated by her school as part of the curriculum) they seem to spend lavishly on frivolous fashion and exotic trips. Many thought this gown was super inappropriate because of the price tag, nude-like top and red carpet style.

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4. Cheap Thrills
Call it the damage control dress--Meghan's stylist, Jessica Mulroney, thought this low cut, boob baring dress with ruffled sleeves would be a smart choice to win Meghan back some warm sentiments with its penny pinching price tag of $298 following the engagement dress debacle. Yet, many thought this Club Monaco velvet dress was also a poor choice for her Sandringham Christmas with the Queen ensemble. While Meghan likely added some type of camisole, this short sleeved number with a plunging neckline still seems inappropriate. The ruffled sleeves are a bit overzealous and the low neckline is very showy. In addition, the Tay dress does not match her Stuart Weitzman suede brown boots or her poop emoji hat.

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5. Jamaican Me Crazy

Markle likely had flashbacks to her first wedding when she accompanied Prince Harry to his friend's wedding in Jamaica in March of last year. Opting for a long floral maxi gown with ruffled sleeves (again) and bare arms, this dress appeared to be dragging on the ground as it was too long for Media Meg. The Victorian neckline and ruffles with a bib-like front were odd and unflattering. Markle appeared to walk around barefoot for the post nuptial party (not something we suspect Kate Middleton would've done). Also, Markle clinged to Harry per her usual tradition of trying to captivate the Prince at all times.

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6. Bathrobe Blunder
Meghan loves a long wrap coat. She's frequently seen in duster style trench jackets and long heavy wrap coats. While this style is probably her go-to for its coverage and Kardashian-esque properties (here Khloe wears the same coat style and suede boots before Meg wore it), these cumbersome coats can look a bit unruly. While Sparkle Markle probably hopes the coat will give her additional height and make her look long and lean, in fact, sometimes it looks like she's playing dress up in an oversized bathrobe. Meghan sure loves bathroom fashion!

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