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Meghan Markle's 5 Big Beauty Blunders in Wales

For her third official engagement Meghan broke out her beloved scrunchie and wore her hair in a messy topknot to visit Cardiff, Wales. While it's a brave choice for this soon-to-be Duchess to sport anything but a sleek Middleton mane, Meghan has done the unthinkable and worn her hair tied up for more than one occasion. In an outfit eerily similar to her spa day look where she visited famous facialist Sarah Chapman prior to the big engagement announcement, Meghan opted for gray and black. It's a bit odd for Duchess Meg to wear clothing so similar to attire worn for a facial to an official royal function. Isn't spa attire supposed to be lazy dressing?

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While many online commenters were a bit dismayed to see the future Mrs. Prince Harry drowning in another black bathrobe coat, with many describing her fashion as "funeral chic" there was also the issue of her grooming choices. (It should be noted that Kate Middleton rarely wears all black and also loves tailored dress coats as opposed to Markle's long trench styles.)

Meghan decided to buck more than just Princess Protocol for Hair--she also decided to show off her beauty routine that needs a lot more tweaking before she can take on a tiara.

Here are Meghan Markle's 5 Big Beauty Blunders in Wales:

1. The Fake Bake
In certain lighting, Meghan's face visiting Cardiff Castle with Harry looked downright orange. As if getting kisses from fans, taking selfies and signing notes wasn't enough of a faux pas (not to mention wearing jeans), Meghan also decided to bring a little sunshine to her skin with some brown splatter. Did she switch foundations? Overdo the self-tanner? Or maybe was it just a primer mishap? Perhaps she should dial back the Make Up Forever powder and opt for a good tinted moisturizer like the Laura Mercier products the beauty team used on her television show Suits.

Beauty Bandaid: BB Cream, tinted sunscreen and tinted day cream

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2. The Crepey Skin
Even with the help of Sarah Chapman, Meghan still battles skin woes like dark circles, foreheads lines and a few spots. While Meghan reportedly embraces her freckles and doesn't like them airbrushed, her skin is still looking a little tired and she's starting to have a harsher appearance  To combat texture changes, Meghan likely needs more collagen, moisture and even additional body fat. Thinning skin accelerates in the forties so Meghan will need to stop suntanning, drink a youth elixir and use lots of firming masks and LED devices.

Beauty Bandaid: Collagen capsules and vitamins, collagen towelettes and NuFace toning

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3. Static Hair
Meghan's messy Starbucks-run bun was a little disheveled and pieces were blowing in the wind giving her a bit of an Albert Einstein look. In fact, her hair had renegade pieces that were standing almost upright and making her look a little like a victim of electrocution. Not exactly #hairgoals. Poor Meghan had to contend with the usual Welsh weather like cloudy skies and wind. Even Kate Middleton's ponytail behaves in Wales--perhaps Markle should opt for the same hairdresser as Will's wife?

Beauty Bandaid: A dry conditioner (like dry shampoo), humidity shield spray, protective hair perfume or frizz control spray

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4. Undereye Bags
As Meghan is in her late 30s, it's harder and harder to fight the signs of late nights, stress and a little too much wine. This California girl also is likely fighting sun damage from a youth spent in the City of Angels. In Wales, Meghan appeared to have a few creases and a little darkness under her brown eyes. To fight off the bagginess and a bit of wrinkles she needs to use intense restorative eye creams along with ultrasonic light.

Beauty Bandaid: Lifting concealer, under eye primervitamin c brightening eye cream and oxygen eye masks 

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5. Blush Overload
Every girl is guilty of getting too heavy handed with blush but Meghan's makeup squad must be stopped. She looks ruddy not rosy. In order to give Meg a more natural look, her makeup team needs to find a blush that's a little less bronze-y and more peachy. A light or pale pink would be better than a brick-color blush. Since Meghan has fair skin and freckles, the dark rouge is unflattering and makes her look matronly. Meghan also looks like she could be having a flare of rosacea or auditioning for a role as a drag queen. Not exactly a princess perfect beauty moment.

Beauty Bandaid: Airy mosaic blush, pink balm and illuminating drops

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