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He's Just Not That Into You Part 2: The Strange Body Language Between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's body language seems very out of sync. From the beginning, Harry's body language has been one of subtle disinterest towards Meghan. While she's always grabbing his arm, intertwining her fingers with his or overlapping his hands, he remains largely ambivalent. It was hard to find a celebrity couple (not even Khloe and Lamar!) where the couple looks more mismatched and the woman appears to be more possessive, insecure and clingy. Like a schoolgirl, Meghan is forever trying to get Harry's attention and is always grabbing for his arms, reaching for his hands or trying to make eye contact.

From loose hand grips on his part to stoic expressions and forced smiles, Harry often seems strained when photographed with Meghan. There was even a question about whether he snubbed her and completely left her hanging handless at their recent radio station visit. In fact, sometimes his fingers don't interlock with hers but rather stay stiff and outstretched even while "holding hands" with his future wife! Not much of a hand hold!

Even body language experts say Meghan's always got her eyes on him (Harry) and is really connected to him and not going to let him go. Yet, there isn't much mention of Harry's affections toward Meghan. Oftentimes, he looks miserable and tense when in public together. (Unlike Harry and Meghan, happy couples tend to match each other in expressions and demeanor.) Meghan is almost always enthusiastically smiling and looks like a lit up Christmas tree, whereas Harry frequently looks sad, pensive or hyper-focused. Harry often keeps his fingers stiff and straight, will avoid eye contact with Meghan and frequently marches ahead ("If one spouse consistently walks several feet ahead of the other it can be an expression of hostility, or at least a lack of connection.")

During their BBC engagement interview, Harry rarely looked delighted. He seemed smug, serious and even once had to beg Meg to let him say something. Meghan meanwhile was overjoyed telling stories, giggling and smiling ear to ear recounting their romance. She was giddy and nervous while he acted a little overwhelmed and even confused by her behavior. Once again, he avoided eye contact. At times he even looked away and she remained focused on him.  Overall, it was an odd interview and their energy levels seemed worlds apart. But Meghan tries to makeup for all their weirdness together by mirroring Harry; she frequently tries to either encroach upon his space, find ways to touch him or mirror his body language. Consciously or subconsciously she's trying to keep him interested, amused and engaged.

Body Language experts like Traci Brown have told Good Housekeeping, "It's apparent that Meghan is more outwardly affectionate. She's clutching onto Harry's arm and grabbing hold of his hand. This shows Meghan's need for connection...if it's too clingy, so be it." Maybe Harry is just naturally aloof, maybe he's nervous or maybe he is more reserved as a Brit. Regardless, even at times like the Jamaica wedding when there wasn't any need to be camera-conscious and uptight (Meghan was even barefoot) Harry still looked distant and uneasy. Meghan is not following the age old rule to marry a man who loves you more!

Gripping someone's arm all the time means they want to control, show possession and keep the person from moving away.

How does Harry and Meghan's body language compare to other famous Hollywood couples?

The Arm Embrace

Jen and Brad didn't make it for the long haul and even these two have way more connection, chemistry and lovey dovey body language. When Jennifer reaches for Brad he dips his head down to her level and looks backward to stay in sync with her. He also smiles and lets her body get close to his chest. In contrast, Harry almost pulls away from Meghan, leaves a huge gap between them and doesn't make any effort to reassure her, get down to her level or increase the intimacy quotient. And even more telling, he puts his hand over his stomach as a self-soothing gesture and a way of 'blocking' any connection.

The Elbow Grab

Sadly, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher did not make it to happily ever after. Demi Moore was one of the few celebrities who displayed body language similar to Meghan. She was often reaching for Ashton (in contrast Ashton with Mila), leaning in to get closer and trying to entangle their bodies. She also loved to grab Ashton's arm while he often failed to be responsive and looked similar to Harry; he would keep his hands in his pockets, show no expression of engagement and would frequently look bored as well as lack any facial animation. In this picture, his body is turned away from Demi--Harry often pulls similar moves and walks ahead of Meghan, looks down and angles his body slightly away from her. Harry's compulsive hand hiding is really a dead giveaway that he's very uncomfortable (concealing hands means he's not interested).

The Pull Back

Jen and Ben seemed to have had a rocky romance despite a long marriage and three children--here, Ben looks completely disengaged from his wife; he's looking ahead and she's trying to maintain a grip on his arm. Ben looks rather ill at ease and almost angry. Similarly, Meghan once again tries to double-up on the affection and grabs Harry's arm and holds onto his hand simultaneously (#doubledesperate). Harry doesn't look back to check on Meg but rather pulls her along as she tugs on his arm. Also, his hand still doesn't clasp around hers in a normal way--his fingers are dangling outside of their grip. 

The Turn and Burn

While Cameron Diaz desperately clings to Alex Rodriguez, he seems to barely know there's a woman hanging off of him. Meghan does the same thing with Harry. Instead of a hand in a pocket like ARod, Harry stuffs his hand under his jacket as a way to stay guarded and unapproachable. Both men use this tactic to ignore and 'wall' off their mate. Also, Harry and ARod cock their heads slightly away from their significant others--both in a forward direction so they can maintain their individuality and personal space. Though Harry was likely nervous at Sandringhnam bringing his new love, he's quite familiar with the whole royal protocol and did little to comfort or show affection to his fiancĂ© on their awkward walk to church; he rarely made eye contact (Kate and Wills often do), kept both hands in his pockets (unlike Kate and Wills who always hold hands and have identical strides) and rarely matched expressions or even stood very close to his bride-to-be

All Harry's nervous hand gestures are very reminiscent of another celebrity actor--George Clooney. In the past, Clooney tried to 'distance' himself from previous girlfriends with his jacket fiddlinghand over his stomach (classic Harry) and the hands in the pocket move (which he seems to do less with wife Amal in addition to showing more intimacycaring gestures and stronger loving body language).

Meghan isn't really Harry's type--in the past he preferred petite, lithe blondes. Even this psychic says Harry will meet a women more like his type and marry her in a few years. According to Lyndsay Edwards, she will be interested in horses and looks to be "quite petite--and very natural in her appearance--totally different from Meghan." 

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