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Does Meghan Markle Look Her Age? How She Compares to Other Hollywood Actresses

Meghan Markle has received many beauty comparisons to famous faces like Pippa Middleton, Clueless star Stacey Dash and even a Spanish politician. But how does Meghan stack up to the superstars? Does this future Princess look younger or older than her 36-year-old Hollywood peers?

Does Meghan Markle Look Her Age?

Let's find out.

1. Jessica Alba

Both ladies share dark brown eyes, olive skin and thick eyebrows. The Honest Company founder is about three months older than Markle and maintains clear skin, wrinkle-free eyes and a natural luminosity. Alba reportedly uses a Braun facial cleansing brush and loves a good hydration mist and never goes without sunscreen. Alba also covets sea salt spray for her hair, firming eye patches and a beauty massaging roller. Meghan is reportedly a fan of the Honest Company Organic Healing Balm. Final verdict: Alba appears a few yeas younger than Rachel Markle/Zane due to her smooth complexion and crinkle-free eyes.

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2. Natalie Portman

Natalie has always had a young appearance. With a petite stature and delicate features, Portman appears to be in her mid-20s. Almost two months older than Markle, Portman credits her vegan diet, shunning dairy and drinking a lot of water for her near-perfect skin. She likes Pai skincare, castile body soaps (like Meghan) and healing balms like Lucas' Papaw Ointment.

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3. Alexis Bledel
With bright crystal clear blue eyes and fair skin, Bledel probably gets carded regularly. Since Gilmore Girls, this actress has maintained her milky complexion free from age spots and blemishes. Only about six weeks younger than Markle, this fresh faced beauty could be in college. Markle looks a little more harsh and grown-up with heavy eyeliner, long dark hair and a noticeable lip mole; she also has under eye bags that appear more pronounced. Bledel credits her skin to an intense facial regimen including devices like the Clarisonic and NuFace Device as well as loves a good steam and an AHA cleanser

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4. Rachel Bilson
Another lady in the 36-year-old club is The O.C. star and mom Rachel Bilson. Bilson says that she has been mistaken for a teenager. The actress recently split with longtime love Hayden Christensen but the stress appears not to have taken too much of a toll. Bilson is only about 25 days younger than the future princess and maintains a radiant complexion. Both actresses have full cheeks, and a little freckling and sun damage but Meghan's eyes and forehead appear to have more lines than the Hart of Dixie star. Bilson even manages to look picture perfect and fresh faced without any makeup! Bilson loves Kate Somerville products, Murad moisturizers and regular old chapstick. For low maintenance hair, she likes Bumble and Bumble products. Markle also loves a good Kate Somerville facial and enjoys the Quench Hydrating Face Serum

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5. Sienna Miller
Miller and Markle both appear to be around the same age. Miller has fewer spots and a more even complexion but both share fuller lips (likely from injections) and white teeth. Miller is almost six months younger and appears to have very plump skin and a dewey complexion. In fact, her skin is so enviable that Kate Middleton is reportedly obsessed with the star! Miller loves Skinceuticals, Colbert skincare as well as La Mer. She's not afraid of budget beauty items either as she also uses Cetaphil cleanser and No7 skincare. Markle's facialist also likes to use Skinceuticals C E serum on the Suits actress as well as recommending a jade roller for depuffing (let sit in the freezer for an hour) and a really powerful hydrating mask.  

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