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Does Harry Know? Meghan Markle's Secret Romantic Affairs

This is way juicier than any Lifetime movie...

Meghan and Harry are about to say 'I do' but before making a lifetime commitment to each other, Harry might want to review Meghan's sketchy dating and relationship history. She only averages about two years in committed coupledom before getting an itch to ditch. She loves high profile guys and will flirt up a storm to impress or intrigue anyone. 

Let's take a look at Meghan's Secret Romantic Affairs:

Meghan Markle always had a thing for athletes. Much like the Carrie Underwood, Gisele Bundchen or Kate Upton, Markle was not about to settle for dating and marrying some Average Joe (or a producer, sorry Trevor). Indeed, Markle had her sights on hockey players, soccer players and football players. A Prince wasn't even on her radar. She loved following athletes on social media and they took notice. Famous English football stars like Ashley Cole reportedly asked the Suits actress out via Twitter. Meg has always had a soft spot for jocks, good thing Harry plays polo!

Double Divorcee? 

Unconfirmed reports online have suggested that Meghan was married not once prior to meeting Harry, but was actually married twice. Rumors claim that Meghan was married to a mystery man named Joe Guiliano prior to Trevor Engelson and the relationship ended in an annullment. While this is all hearsay and speculation, reports also surfaced that Meghan was married to another man, an athlete named Michael Del Zotto. Del Zotto denies any relationship and many claim the Canadian hockey player and Meghan became an item before her marriage had completely dissolved. Del Zotto bears a passing resemblance to Prince Harry (minus the ginger hair) though he is only 27-years-old whereas Prince Harry is 33-years-old. Markle and Engelson divorced after just two years--did they give back the wedding presents?


Meghan Markle and Del Zotto fizzled out so she needed another athlete to take his place. Cut to golfer and Nike spokesperson Rory Mcilroy. Taking part in a charity challenge in 2014, Mcilroy and Markle quickly became cozy companions after meeting. Markle probably didn't mind that Mcilroy's net worth is in the 60 to 200 million dollar range. In fact, she likely thought he was $uper $weet and $o cute!

Love, Set, Match

While Meghan may have stepped out on hubby Trevor by dating Del Zotto, Engelson actually has claimed Meghan also had an emotional affair in addition to a possible relationship with a co-star on her Suits show. Reportedly Trevor's chief complaint in their marriage was his suspicion that she had gotten too close with a co-star.

Patrick Adams, Meg's Suits co-star, wrote a gushy Instagram post to his former co-worker wherein he declared Harry a "lucky man" and signed off with "much love" following Harry and Meghan's engagement announcement. Adams and Markle's characters, Rachel Zane and Mike Ross were always getting seriously hot and heavy on screen and seemed to have lovey dovey eyes. One major problem? Adams is married as was Markle during the beginning of their Suits series; Adams even had to delete Instagram pictures as there was so much speculation about the nature of his relationship with Meghan. Adams would sometimes take candid pictures of the future Mrs. Prince Harry in hair and makeup and post them online (#secretadmirer).

Chef Cory Got Burned

Many reports have circulated that celebrity chef Cory Vitiello and Meghan were seriously dating at the time she met Harry in addition to living together in his Toronto townhouse. Neighbors of Cory claim the pair were often seen walking their dogs in the local park and had been together for two years. But Meghan had her eyes on the prize and quickly dumped the restaurant owner when Harry came into the picture. In an ironic twist, Cory is now the owner of a rotisserie chicken chain called Flock and Harry and Meghan were infamously roasting chicken when he proposed. Sorry Cory--Meghan flew the coop.

Bodyguard Bombshell

Did Meghan cheat on Harry? In November of last year Radar Online broke a very interesting story about Meghan getting a little too friendly with her Suits bodyguard. The same month that Harry proposed, Meghan was seen walking to set being trailed by a big beefy bodyguard with a sly smile. Though the photos aren't exactly clear it appears as though the bodyguard is wrapping his hands around Meghan's waist and is flirting with the star. The story is titled "Hands On" as it shows the brunette 36-year-old and the bearded man are somewhat intimate. Radar Online claims the bodyguard was very "touchy feely" and took Markle in his arms and scooped her up. Is Harry headed for heartache?

Picture: Radar Online

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