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Do Kate and William have Better Body Language than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Many people strongly disagree with Meghan Markle's entry and acceptance into the Royal Family. Any 'Meghan Markle' article featured on the DailyMail receives an average of two thousand comments (other articles average around 150) -- many of which are filled with disbelief, disgust and disappointment in Markle's relationship with Harry and her sudden infiltration into an institution that has existed for hundreds of years, with great propriety.

Markle's alienation from her dysfunctional family, somewhat fledgling and grubby career, plus use-and-lose friendships and her grandiose claims of humanitarianism make her seem a bit unsavory to some. Not to mention her previous long-term relationships including a marriage that she quickly abandoned for greater fame. Also, many are a bit disillusioned by her continual quick change of religions and somewhat unseemly 'royal' behavior like sticking out her tongue and always looking for the camera at public events.

Regardless, Harry is supposedly in deep lust--or love and is ready to meet this woman down at the end of the aisle. But how does their body language (the truest indication of their feelings) compare with Prince William and Kate Middleton's carnal clues.

Let's take a look at William and Kate's Body Language Compared to Meghan and Harry:

Stadium Sweethearts

At the Invictus Games, and Meghan's first appearance with the ginger royal, there appeared to be warmth and chemistry between the pair but William and Kate put these two smitten 30-somethings to shame. At a sporting event William looks admiringly directly at Kate, their closeness reveals and intense connection and Kate's smile is very genuine. The royal parents seem completely infatuated and comfortable with one another.

On the other hand, Meghan and Harry gave off hot and cold couple signals at the the wheelchair tennis match in Toronto--at times, they looked a little stern and uneasy, and at other times they looked flirty. Both tried to remain composed but Meghan frequently flashed smiles, laughed sheepishly and appeared to be trying desperately to mirror Harry's body language and poses. The real telling body language clues from the pair came from their distance when seated next to each other--there was quite a divide between their legs and physical closeness. Some would argue that they were merely trying to maintain a dignified appearance in public and not act like lovesick teenagers, but their chemistry was still a little awkward.

Meghan would put her arm on Harry and he would not engage, reciprocate or touch back (and don't think that Harry feels most comfortable with a big distance of space in public--he sure didn't mind getting up close and personal to blonde Alex Jackson at a public concert). Sometimes Harry weirdly added more space between him and Meg by leaning far away from her. And all that bizarre non-hand-holding-hand-holding is so strange. Harry loves to grip Meghan's hand but not really wrap his fingers or interlock them with hers -- suggesting a lack of true intimacy and trust. Overall, the two looked more like chummy friends than future man and wife.

Public Paramours

Even at a formal function Kate and William look relaxed and easygoing. Kate has a full smile and William is looking at her adoringly with a twinge of a proud husband grin. Both have perfectly matched body language with Kate crossing her hands exactly like William. In addition, they look dignified, calm and composed. On the other hand, at their Nottingham Academy visit Harry looked a little tense and was scratching his fingers as a method of distraction and self-soothing. Meghan tried to mirror Harry's fidgeting and clasped her hands together. By covering their bellies with their hands, both Meghan and Harry are 'guarding' themselves not only from the prying public but from each other. And they're demonstrating a high level of anxiety. Harry had his head cocked far away from Meghan's direction whereas William is looking intently for his wife's whereabouts and checking her demeanor (Is she happy? Is she comfortable? Is she content?).

Garden Party

Don't be fooled by Kate and William's reserved romantic gestures--with a third baby on the way, it's clear this couple doesn't lack any heat in the chemistry department. Plus, without the strict royal standards for appearances, Kate and Wills are quite frisky and animated around one another. When viewing pictures of the pair, it becomes quite obvious that William adores Kate and enjoys her company.

For the day after their wedding in April of 2011, Kate and William took a 'victory' stride along the grounds of Buckingham Palace hand in hand. The pair were totally in sync and in most pictures their stride is perfectly matched. Kate did some minor fidgeting with her jacket but never blocked off William by covering her stomach (a vulnerable area). Touching the abdomen frequently as Harry does indicates excessive worry and tension.

Harry and Meghan announced their engagement also in a park-style setting; Harry looked a little less relaxed than William and frequently looked uncomfortable during photographs. Meghan keeps her head down to let Harry take the lead and she clings to his arm and hand and tries to pull him into her personal space. Meghan's body language is broadcasting insecurity and self-doubt. There is a bit more physical distance between Harry and Meghan's bodies and it seems as if Meg is trailing behind a bit. Kate and William are masterfully matched and neither is leading, pulling or clinging to the other.

Chair Pair

Kate and William look very comfortable together once again at a public outing--they display impeccable love body language. Kate leans in to whisper something to William and he immediately ducks his head so he can hear her and gets down to her level. Both of them sit very close to one another with no large gaps or empty space. In addition, William looks concerned about what Kate is saying and shows significant interest. Kate lightly puts her hand on William's leg to show affection but doesn't claw at him or cling or take his hands and double layer them with her own.

For their BBC interview, Harry and Meghan sat down to a barrage of questions about their relationship and wedding plans. Harry looked very awkward and at times appeared to be off in his own little world or zoned out. One would assume for an engagement interview that there would be great excitement, lots of energy and fun. Princess Eugenie recently announced her engagement to Jack Brooksbank and their interview included lots of lighthearted banter, sweet enthusiasm and matching levels of excitement and equal back and forth storytelling.

For the TV sit-down, Harry looked downtrodden and contemplative, Meghan looked very happy with a wide smile and exuberant expression. Meghan double hugged Harry's hands with her own and made a human hand sandwich.

Other times Harry and Meghan have sat side by side in public--they can look downright cold and very serious. Harry often looks totally apathetic while Meghan is constantly jubilant and jovial.

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