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Confirmed: Meghan Markle Cheated on Cory Vitiello with Prince Harry

A new Life and Style report released today confirms that Meghan Markle and her celebrity chef boyfriend, Cory Vitiello were indeed still a couple but were in a "bumpy phase" when she first met Prince Harry. The insider who spoke to Life and Style Magazine claims the two were not uncoupled when she was setup with the prince.

According to the report Meghan ghosted Cory and stopped returning his calls and answering his texts but did not tell him she wanted to break up. Mutual friends had to tell Cory that he and Meghan were no longer an item.

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Rumors have long circulated that Meghan and her Toronto based boyfriend were still dating when she had that fateful meeting with Harry. According to The Cheat Sheet, multiple sources have confirmed that Markle was not "on the market" when she met the ginger royal.

In a very strange twist, British journalist Piers Morgan claims to have met up with Markle the very same night she and Harry first locked eyes in the summer of 2016. Morgan alleges that he and Markle drank pints and martinis at a local English pub for an hour and a half while sharing stories and chatting. The two reportedly became friendly after a little Twitter banter and some text exchanges.

Morgan maintains that he and Markle did converse about life and love but never discussed Prince Harry. The soon-to-be duchess claimed she was off to "meet with friends" at 5 Hertford Street, a private members club in Mayfair, London that evening. Piers ordered Markle an Uber and the rest is history.

Image of 5 Hertford Street--Is This Where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry First Met?
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During their conversation, Markle reportedly told Piers that she was single and not used to the dating scene.

Interestingly, Cory is one of the founding members of SoHo house--which served as a big networking launch pad for Markle and the way she ultimately got connected to Harry. Meghan met game-changer friends like Markus Anderson and Misha Nonoo at the private club.

A story broke in January that the real matchmaker for Harry and Meghan was not Misha but rather Ralph Lauren public relations gal Violet von Westenholz. Many online commenters found this to be highly suspicious and a move likely devised by Meghan's publicity camp as a redirect effort.

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Nonoo's ex-husband is reportedly Prince Harry's best friend from Eton--and hung out socially with Kate Middleton's sister Pippa Middleton! Why would she not be the matchmaker?!  Also, Violet, a childhood friend of Harry's reportedly setup Harry with Meghan a mere three days after first meeting her--wouldn't that be rather fast? (Especially since Violet probably meets pretty and personable women all the time with her job). And some still speculate that close friend Jessica Mulroney whose husband is reportedly affiliated with the ABC Network and is the former son of the Canadian Prime Minister actually orchestrated the 'meet cute' for the two lovebirds. Most online watchdogs speculate the actual setup was cooked up by Markus Anderson. One thing is clear: everyone associated with Markle seems to also have a connection to Prince Harry. 

At any rate, Cory Vitiello has never confirmed or denied that Harry was behind his split with the Suits actress but he has thrown a little shade by posting a clip of his impressive skills roasting chickens the same day Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement (where Harry proposed while the two were making a dinner of roast chicken). Ironically, Cory now owns a high-end rotisserie chicken chain called Flock in Toronto. It must be nice to be reminded of his ex-girlfriend every time he sees a chicken--which is all day long!

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