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Eerie Lookalikes: 8 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Like Princess Diana

Meghan Markle likely had her sights on Prince Harry long before the two met. Despite claiming she knew nothing about the royal, many reports have surfaced that she had books on Princess Diana and  was "obsessed" with the royal wedding between Princess Di and Charles. She wanted to be Princess Diana 2.0 claims a friend. 

It's also interesting how Meghan's Goop-style website The Tig started showcasing pictures of her humanitarian efforts and Rwanda visits with World Vision around the same time she and Harry started dating. And her lengthy 'I am a philanthropist/humanitarian/actress/do-gooder' declaration essay appeared on The Tig around the time she met and began a relationship with the ginger royal. Markle being well-aware that Diana was very committed to charitable causes likely wanted to mirror the famous Princess and be more attractive to bachelor Harry. 

Strangely, Meghan cut ties with World Vision after the royal romance took off and wanted a 'clean slate' according to reports. Was she only doing the charity to impress Harry? 

In another fascinating twist, one of Princess Diana's signature styles -- the attire she was heavily photographed in during her altruistic efforts to eradicate landmines was her button-down white shirt, jeans (or khakis) and simple loafers. In fact, Diana wore this look many times. Here, Here and Here. Meghan now frequently wears this very same ensemble--from her Invictus game attire (which many criticized for being too casual) to recent travel (where she knew she would be photographed), she loves a good crisp button-down. (Though the 'Husband shirt' she wore at the Invictus Games also served the purpose of promoting and plugging a SoHo friend Misha Nonoo). 

Does Meghan want Harry to subconsciously associate her with his beloved late mother? Maybe so. 

Here are 8 Times Meghan Markle Recently Dressed Like Princess Diana:

1. Camel Colored Trench Coats 

Meghan's Sandringham look on the Christmas walk to church is eerily similar to an ensemble worn by Lady Di for a religious occasion. Even their wool bowler-style felt hats were similar (though Meghan's was a darker brown that many compared to a poop emoji).

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2. Crushed Velvet Dresses

Markle chose a Club Monaco Tay burgundy velvet dress for her holiday with Harry, Princess Diana wore a similar style to a formal function but her gown had shoulder pads and a high neckline.

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3. Navy Button Jackets

Markle opted for a long navy coat in a double-breasted style, Princess Diana chose a similar suit jacket and both ladies carried similar top handle satchels.

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4. White Jackets

Meghan loves a good wrap coat and she chose a pure white knee-length number from Toronto based chain The Label. Princess Diana also favored longer coats for public events and paired her dress coat with pearls and stockings. 

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5. Prince of Wales Plaid
Meghan Markle tried to charm at her recent appearance at Cardiff Castle in Wales by donning a special plaid print. Years ago, Lady Diana Spencer wore a double-breasted blazer with the same checkered glen plaid. 

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6. Brown Hats
Meghan Markle received much criticism for her brown hat from Philip Treacy which had an odd swirl accent. Princess Diana also wore a dark cocoa colored hat with a similar tan wool coat. 

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7. Burgundy Ensembles
Meghan Markle loves deep berry colored clothing. Markle wore her pleated wine-colored dress and leather jacket with a velvet clutch for the opening of the Invictus Games. In the past, Diana had opted for a burgundy suit with gold buttons.

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8. Gray Coats
For the radio visit in Brixton, Markle opted for a long wool coat called the Brando with a scarf. Princess Diana also had previously worn a floor length jacket with an ascot tie in a similar slate shade. 

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