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6 Super Embarrassing Videos of Meghan Markle Before She Met Harry

Whether or not Meghan Markle is royal-ready seems to be quite questionable considering her style choices, bad girl behavior and recent family drama. The PR Machine has been in overdrive trying to save this failing future princess from a public image of disgrace and disaster. Poor, poor Jessica Huie. In the last day and half the PR firm has tried to turn out positive spin pieces on Markle's heartwarming hamster gift to the Queen, the Harry and Markle thank you notes (due to the supposed deluge of wedding well wishers) and her father's comment about Harry being a gentleman and the couple being a "very good match" (despite Harry saying Markle had no family). It's been a spin-errific weekend.

Still, Markle could hide all her dirty skeletons in her lavish closet if not for the Internet. In this day and age, all of Rachel Markle's past will come back to haunt her--Today show ghosts and all.

Here are 6 of the Most Embarrassing Videos of Meghan Markle Before She Met Harry:

1. Saucy Lady

Grilling Never Looked So Hot Video

This bizarre and not even remotely sexy video has Meghan Markle stripping down to her skivvies just in time to play Bobby Flay and grill up some hamburgers on the roof. Lots of licking, coy glances and hair tossing can't save this weird and off-putting Men's Health video. For a partial vegan, the whole eating a juicy, dripping piece of cow's meat on a bun seems a tad outrageous, though it would be fun to watch Kate Middleton cavorting on the roof in a cropped top, short shorts and a lacy bra. Maybe there's a sequel with steak?

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2. Fight Club

Knight Rider

Haven't we all been filmed fighting girls in a sports bra locked in a metal cage? For Meghan Markle, her early "acting" work involved limited dialogue and a whole lot of bra wearing. In 2009 Media Meg opted for a classy role as army girl Annie Ortiz in the David Hasselhoff-inspired series Knight Rider. The episode called 'Fight Knight' shows Markle doing her best Power Rangers impression as a kick butt drill sergeant. In a reasonable plot line, Markle's character must become a cage fighter to uncover clues about the mysterious death of a drill sergeant. Why wasn't she nominated for a Golden Globe?

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3. Tori Story

1000 Oceans

In the blink and you'll miss her moment, a young Rachel Meghan Markle stars as a mesmerized fan in the crowd watching musician Tori Amos in a glass box on some city street corner (AKA movie set) for her video for the song "1000 Oceans." Markle, to the left in the video, appears to be sporting her naturally curly hair and is wearing a tight black tank top with her bust on display. Gazing longingly at Tori, Markle appears to be holding a jacket or sweater. A star is born.

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4. Friend Footage

Home Video 

An 18-year-old bubbly and baby weight afflicted Meghan discusses her audition to be a dancer in the background of a Shakira music vid (Meg did not get the job) and takes her friend Ninaki Priddy around LA in this revealing recording (long before the days of YouTube and selfies). In addition, Markle models a few outfits like a white blazer and a long sleeveless jumpsuit. Further along in the video, Markle discusses a strained relationship with her father (only saying she would stop by his house to check the mail) and discusses an upcoming move as well as a crush on singer Mark McGrath. Groundbreaking stuff. During the tour for her friend Ninaki, Meg the humanitarian at one point says, "You come off the boulevard and you get into the worst ghetto." She goes on to describe  dirty drug deals and the whole area near Hollywood with a bit of disdain.

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5. Auditioning Anchor

Today Show

In a curious turn of events, Meghan once acted as a Today show correspondent and fashion expert and sat alongside Savannah Guthrie to discuss the latest style trends. In one of her few roles where she was not in a sexy maid outfit, sexy chemise or sexy bra and panty set, Meg did her best as future news anchor. From commentary on knit pencil skirts to menswear looks and budget dresses, Meg was the go-to style gal. Isn't this black turtleneck look awfully similar to a look we've seen before? AND Markle also did a cooking segment with Matt Lauer. Oh, and just in case you're keeping tabs on her resume--she's a fashion expert, yogi, actress, chef, music video star, humanitarian, world ambassador, dog lover, dog abandoner, animal adoption advocate, vegan, chicken eater, turtleneck lover, calligrapher, women's right activist, game show girl, feminist, model and blogger.

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6. Meghan as Mindy

Random Encounters

Just four years ago when the movie Random Encounters was released, it's safe to say that most people hadn't heard of Meghan Markle even with her role on the cable show Suits. Markle, still desperate for stardom was seen in a bevy of low-budget roles from her 30 seconds in the movie Horrible Bosses as a FedEx girl to her sexy maid moment on CSI: NY to a riveting role as journalist Amy Peterson, where she wore a toilet paper wedding dress in the Hallmark movie When Sparks Fly. But perhaps one of the campiest, silliest and stupidest roles came in the movie Random Encounters where Meghan played slutty party girl Mindy who had a thing for undressing guys and walking around in slinky lingerie. Meg's profound dialogue included bits about: goulash, cats and hookers. Oh, and she was in her underwear AGAIN.

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