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6 Signs Meghan Markle's PR Team is Desperate to Repair Her Image

When you Google 'Meghan Markle' you'll find a lot of news outlets are reporting that this biracial future princess is changing the world with her ascension from D list actress to Royal Wife. Still, many people have found the union between her and Harry to be rather irksome. For starters, Meghan has failed to ingratiate herself into the public with her wacky and tacky behavior like wearing an engagement dress that could pay for a college education and sticking her tongue out (which is against Royal protocol) on the way to church on Christmas. Meghan's unbecoming behavior has only spotlighted her suspicious past filled with best friends who say the woman is a schemer and so enamored with the Royal family (despite Meg's claims in the BBC interview that she had never heard of Prince Harry) that she had books on Princess Diana, always wanted to stay in London and was obsessed with Princess Di as a youngster. Ninaki Priddy revealed to the Daily Mail that she and Meghan were like sisters and that Meg was someone who was very calculating, fame hungry and oddly deeply in love with her first spouse (telling her BF that she "couldn't imagine a life without Trevor and if something happened to him, she couldn't go on").

Despite her supposed groundbreaking move to become a Royal spouse (who never had a family of her own according to Harry--except for the one that paid for her private school with lottery winnings, the one she spent her youth with and the one that were living in poverty who she has never helped), Meg has been ridiculed, gossiped about and hated on by many online for her questionable antics and murky intentions. Polls are showing her approval rating at a bleak 19 percent. And people were upset when engagement coverage eclipsed the regular news. Plus, there's the 'Prevent Meghan Markle From Having an Official Title or Role in the Royal Family' petition being signed by thousands who don't want to see this California yogi with her disrespectful and dubious behavior get the privilege of wearing a tiara to mill around the palace.

Meghan appears to be a royal groupie who managed to find a connected friend who could introduce her to Harry and the rest is history. The former Mrs. Engelson's role on Suits was her crowning achievement (pardon the pun) as it put her in a place to become a member of the social club SoHo house where Harry is also a member (something we suspect Media Meg knew a long time ago). Though being married to film producer Trevor was actually her first big break as he was able to cast her in movies like Remember Me which plumped up her resume enough to land a recurring role on Suits.

Rumor has it that Me-again will probably ditch her reclusive father in favor of her mother walking her down the aisle as Meg likely doesn't want to be seen with her struggling dad (who Meg has never helped financially despite his funding of her schooling) and who lives modestly in Mexico. Meghan posted a tribute picture of her mother and father on IG despite Harry claiming Meg never had a family and was a poor orphan that he rescued.  In fact, there are reports that Meghan was actually treated like a Princess at home and much beloved by her non-existent family.

With all the friends and family that this cunning brunette has ditched or deceived, it's no wonder this supposed gold digger and social climber needs a bit of PR rescue.

Here are 6 Signs that Meghan Markle's PR Team is Desperate to Repair Her Image:

1. She's Visting a Youth Radio Station with Harry

Following their trip to the French Riveria, Harry and Sparkle Markle will take a break from their tiring lives of wearing fancy clothes and jaunting to exotic locales (oh, and wedding planning!) to do some quasi-chartiy work AKA a public appearance in early January. Coincidentally, it comes just after Harry's in-law-hating comment and Meg's tacky tongue acrobatics.

2. They Slummed it on the Plane

Daring not to ruffle more feathers after the Ralph & Russo dress debacle, Harry and Meghan decided to act like commoners and travel economy for their Christmas getaway trip. Though uncomfirmed  reports claim the 'thrifty' couple took up 3 rows at the back of the plane on their short British Airway flight from London to Nice before boarding a private helicopter to a luxury locale to celebrate the New Year. #frugal

3. She Wore a Super Cheap Dress to Sandringham House

Meghan was very aware that her engagement dress left many with a very bad taste in their mouths. How could this self-described humanitarian and charity worker (despite leaving her mom and dad bankrupt and broke, i.e. her mom doesn't even have her own washer and dryer!!) wear an extravagant and egregiously expensive gown that was purchased by the Royal family to stomp around the garden and take pictures? Well, cut to a week or so later and Sandringham and suddenly Meghan is a budget conscious fashionista. Sparkle Markle wore a Tay dress from Club Monaco that cost only a couple hundred dollars.

4. Her Sister Has Had a Major Change of Heart

Many are speculating that Samantha Grant Markle, the wheelchair bound half-sister of Meghan has recently been paid a sum of money to change her acrimonious tune on the former Suits star. Repeatedly discussing her sister allover the media and on Twitter, Samantha Grant has slammed Meghan for her narcism and hypocrisy, revealed private family photos and has plans to write and publish a memoir. (These two half-sisters do actually lookalike minus the brunette locks.) Grant has been a strong critic of Meghan's calling her shallow and self-serving and has no relationship with the future Duchess. Only recently, in a strange turn of events, Grant is now using glowing language to describe her little sister. In the latest January 8th edition of OK magazine, Grant seems very supportive and discusses Harry's big heart, her sister's happiness and her own interest in attending the Royal wedding.

5. She Ditched Her Dog

We suspect Meg's PR team will have her visiting an animal shelter really really soon as Nutmeg has largely been criticized for leaving her rescue dog Bogart in Canada. Even during their BBC interview Meg was snappy when answering questions about her pups. Strangely, even Meg's dog adoption was a calculating celebrity move. Rachel/Meghan's insta-famous dog became old news once Meg found her happily Harry after. Sorry little guy--your owner Meghan has won the lottery just like her dad

6. Media Meg Served Soup on Skid Row

Following the many disastrous Meghan moves, there was suddenly a story leaked to the press in December about Meghan working in a soup kitchen at age 13. While many commenters found it laughable and immodest that Meg would detail her charity efforts from long ago and likely mandated as a part of the school curriculum, her PR team was desperate to give this tongue wagging princess a little good press. Saint Meghan strikes again!

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