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6 Celebrities With Major Hair Regret in 2017

As 2017 officially has sung its swan song, now is the time to reflect on last year's hair highs and lows. While certain celebrities saw their #hairgoals come to fruition, others found themselves suffering like a mane-iac. Many went for major buzz cuts and chops (like Katy and Kate) while others bleached for the stars (like Kim and Emilia).

Here are the six celebrities who likely suffered major hair regret in 2017:

1.) Kate Hudson
Frequently cast as the ultimate bohemian California girl and RomCom love interest, Kate Hudson is known for her trademark long, beachy blonde locks. Shaving off all her hair for a movie role in Sia over the summer, Kate has officially gone to the dark side. While the Britney buzz might have seemed like an Anne Hathaway-esque Oscar decision, we doubt this Fabletics pusher will be earning a golden statute for her hair raising schemes. On the bright side, Kate has recently gone back to blonde but growing out bleached boy-length hair will probably take some time. Perhaps she should've gone the Charlize Theron route and waited until she had some length before lightening those wispy locks. Also, the dye job looks pretty brassy, maybe Kate should take an extended timeout from the hair color and stick with wigs.

2. Emilia Clarke

Kall it a Kase of Khaleesi worship but peppy and petite Emilia Clarke finally took the plunge and ditched her shiny brown locks for a white blonde shade to match her Game of Thrones character in September. While we applaud her efforts to live dangerously, the poor Brit looks to already be suffering breakage despite likely having used Olaplex to preserve her crowing glory. The cool Marilyn shade washes out this Mother of Dragons and makes her look a bit ruddy. Even Khaleesi herself can't pull of platinum!

3. Katy Perry
Raven haired Katy has been in some kind of weird songstress spiral lately. KP seems to be creating music that isn't as catchy, has struggled to find lasting love and cut off all her hair in a moment of extreme breakup blues. While Katy has recently been posting throwback photos on IG of her in her dark haired days, she seems to have lost all sense of her true self. Darker, more moody and ironically with lighter buzzed hair, Katy seems to be determined to shed and scissor away all the pain from her split with Orlando Bloom and John Mayer. It's a shear disaster. 

4. Selena Gomez

After undergoing a life saving kidney transplant, it would be easy to see how a superficial thing like hair has really lost all its meaning. Still, Selena went big and bold with her blonde hair decision. While it might be fun to change things up, her new cool wheat-y blonde looks pretty damaged and stringy. It might be too late for Selena's hairdresser to say they're sorry

5. Emma Stone

While this La La Land star and frequent Ryan Gosling co-star manages to pull off more hair changes than a Kardashian on speed, her hair still looks its absolute best when its red, glossy and old Hollywood glam. Stone's new fried blonde makes her look very pale and doesn't bring out her mesmerizing green eyes or cute freckles. It was Judd Apatow who originally requested she go red for the film Superbad--which was a Supergood idea. 

6. Katie Holmes

We applaud this Dawson's Creek star for taking major hair risks. While Katie does pull off a pixie better than most, her October 2017 look is pretty short. While the former Joey Potter has had many lobs, bobs and bangs, this boyish pixie style might still not be the way to go as it makes Katie's forehead appear quite large. Still, we doubt Jamie Foxx minds her hair-raising shenanighans as she's still one hot mama.

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