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12 Major Relationship Red Flags for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make an unlikely couple. She's a California born divorcee who is a few years his senior. Not a bubbly British blonde girl in her 20s, Markle has more life experience and a heavy history--her parents are divorced, both have been bankrupt and she has disabled in-laws who she never sees and doesn't plan on inviting to the May the wedding. Her mother lives in run-down Crenshaw, Los Angeles and frequents the local seedy laundromat while her father lives in a humble rented home in crime-ridden Rosarito, Mexico.

Markle did not have an illustrious acting career prior to meeting Harry as she only "starred" in a few small time roles on Hallmark and made awkward cameos in movies like Horrible Bosses and A Lot Like Love. Markle's breakout role in Suits allowed her to live comfortably but sill didn't put her in the starry stratosphere.

In the last few years, Markle was craving more limelight--she was stroking a very new and budding relationship with Serena Williams and had become chummy with SoHo members in an effort to watch her celebrity blossom. The struggling Markle also tried to become the next Angelina Jolie and attempted to use her charitable causes as a way to network and meet rich and connected industry insiders. In addition, she was trying out dating athletes and knew the end of her Suits career was near and her age would be prohibitive to many more acting jobs. Her only hope? Find Mr. Rich and Famous! Dating a celebrity chef in Toronto wasn't going to cut it. She kept her eyes and ears open and was setup with Harry on a blind date before she and her boyfriend Cory even split.

Meghan's history does not sound like the backstory of the Princess Diaries, far from it. Meghan's keys to success were more related to networking, joining social clubs and using her relationships (like a blink-and-you'll-miss-it marriage to producer husband Trevor) to vault her career. She had to lily pad her way to Harry. (So, maybe the frog in this fairtyale story is actually Meghan?)

With a cultural, societal and familial background that is far different than her husband--will Meghan and her Harry AKA banana (the nickname they reportedly use for each other) survive the many ups and downs of marriage?

Here are the 12 Major Relationship Red Flags for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:

1. She's Older
Many successful relationships exist wherein the woman is a few years older than her significant other. Still, there can be complications with communication and differences in levels of maturity when the woman is the eldest. Some have claimed Harry's attraction to Markle is more as a mothering and older female figure who can take care of him.

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2. She's Got a Ticking Clock
When Markle and Harry marry in May she will be just a few months shy of her August 4th birthday. In August, Markle will turn 37. Harry and Meghan will need to start trying for babies right away if they want to have more than one child (fertility declines rapidly after age 37). If they're lucky and able to conceive fast, Markle will still need to have back to back pregnancies with little timeout between each one. Plus, Markle's pregnancies will be high-risk and she will be considered of 'advanced maternal age.' In addition, the stress of having to start a family immediately will not work in the couple's favor as they will have to cut their honeymoon newlywed phase off very early. On average, most couples actually wait three years from saying "I do" to diaper changing. The stress of Markle's adjustment to being a royal, a new marriage and a new baby could all be too much for the pair.

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3. She's Got Faraway Friends and Family
Markle's mother lives in California and rumors swirled that she wasn't even around for Meghan's wedding dress decisions. Meghan's dad lives in a remote area of Mexico and she doesn't have a relationship with her siblings. Mrs. Prince Harry might become homesick and long for friends and relatives now that she's living across the pond.

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4. She's Not British
British and American cultures are very different as far as norms, customs and idiosyncrasies. Over time, it could cause a rift as her and Harry don't share the same background or traditions. Many thought her curtsy at Christmas was more like a sad wobble.

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5. She's Not High Society
Just like a couple who can't speak the same language, Markle doesn't have the same pedigree as Harry's previous girlfriends like Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy. She loves double fisting her wine glasses, enjoys an ironic t-shirt and owns cutoff shorts aplenty. She's been nearly naked on TV, embraces the cleavage selfie and was a human wheelbarrow in her first wedding. She also loves canned beer and nachos!

6. She's Not a Blonde
Harry always had a thing for blondes so it's funny and strange that his future wife is a brunette. He loved Ellie Goulding and most of his exes were light haired ladies. Harry has an immediate and intense attraction to blondes--in fact, his body language with fair haired girls seems better than his body language with Meghan! Here/Here/Here/Here/Here

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7. She's Too Loud and Animated
Hailing from the United States and being an actress, Meghan is loud, brash and flirty. In her Craig Ferguson interview, she comes across as very gregarious and not at all demure or soft spoken. In the BBC interview, Meghan took the lead in a bizarre Q&A that felt very forced and awkward; Harry looked completely distant and depressed. Meg is not like Kate Middleton who is well-liked and very sophisticated and restrained.

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8. She's Not Known Him Long Enough
The ginger royal and his future wife met in July 2016 and will be married in May 2018. Harry and Meghan had a short trial dating period full of romantic jaunts to see one another every few weeks before committing to marriage. They had an intense, dramatic and sexually charged long distance relationship. While their courtship was fun, it takes more than a few fun steamy vacations together to make a strong and long-lasting relationship. When these two resume normal life and the sparks stop flying, it could get ugly. In fact, waiting three years before saying 'I do' makes couples 50% less likely to divorce and most don't start off as long distance lovers.

9. She Got a Crappy Proposal
Harry proposed to Meghan while they were roasting chicken together rather than on their three-week glamping trip to Africa or their adventure to Norway to see the Northern Lights. The lack of effort, excitement and energy surrounding the proposal could be telling. With all the resources in the world, Harry decided to propose while cooking chicken and watching TV at home? Not very Insta-worthy. Good thing Markle no longer has social media.

10. She's Going to be Under Incredible Scrutiny
Jumping from wannabe actress to the most famous woman in the world is likely a daunting task for this bride-to-be. Everything Markle wears, does or says will be under the utmost scrutiny.

11. She's Going to Be Super Bored
While the stars were celebrating at the Golden Globes in sunny Los Angeles and they were drinking champagne, mingling with the rich and famous and wearing beautiful sparkly dresses, around the same time, Meghan Markle was wearing a marm-y checkered top and black trousers to watch a Welsh culture festival in cloudy Cardiff, Wales. Quite the contrast from the life Markle aspired to have. Many online commenters thought Markle already looked bored to tears in Wales and now she will need to suffer through endless long, boring speeches, super stiff and formal appearances and lots of tiresome traditional events that will likely leave her feeling antsy and out of place. No more magazine shoots in pretty dresses, selfies on exotic vacations or being flirty with talk show hosts. Meghan's life will become tea and crumpets, polo matches and lots of small-timey school and church engagements; it seems unlikely that this will ultimately satisfy the glitzy and glamorous globalist.

12. She's Got a Fractured Family
Markle's family is full of dysfunction and train wrecks. Prince Harry reportedly has never even met Markle's father (probably wise since Harry claimed the actress had "no family"). Markle's weird, wacky and worrisome family likely won't ever be invited for a hangout at Buckingham palace. And it sounds like Meghan's children won't be seeing much of their maternal grandparents (whereas Carole Middleton and Company see their grandchildren all the time). The Markle circus is probably exhausting and embarrassing for Meghan. Maybe this wealthy and worldly 'humanitarian' could offer them a little money to help them get their lives back on track?

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