Amy M. Spagnola


Slurp or Suck: The New 7Eleven Makeup Line

In what has to be a shocking turn when 7Eleven releases it's own line of makeup. Known for sugary slurpees and packaged snack foods, this convenience store is now attempting to join the ranks of Walgreens with a full collection of budget makeup. While arguably every Simply Me Beauty blush and gloss would make for a stellar stocking stuffer being that all the products are under $5, there still remains the most pertinent question. Why would the land of nachos and energy drinks dare to enter the ring with Sephora and Ulta?

Well, for starters, anyone has dealt with the dire walk of shame knows that you may end up in a bad neighborhood at 3am with no Uber for the next 20 minutes and you need to make yourself presentable. Cue: Simply Me Beauty. Run into the nearest 7Eleven and grab those makeup wipes to dissolve some of the residual loss of dignity and contour.

But does it work?

While cheap makeup is cheap makeup, many YouTube beauty reviewers have been impressed with the pigment of lipsticks, the marker like eyeliner and the faux eyelashes. Simply Me Beauty also includes brow powder, BB cream and eyeshadow palettes. All 40 items are priced between $3 and $5.

So, the next time you're hankering to fill up your gas tank or grab some Twizzlers, head over to the 'Gorgeous on the Go' display at any 7Eleven and check out the reasonably priced cosmetic selection likely positioned next to some rack of potato chips or a display of Ding Dongs.

And when was the last time you could get a stale hot dog and concealer at Ulta? Way to Go 7Eleven!

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