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Royal Recap and Shop the Look: Meghan Markle at Sandringham for Christmas Service

Labeled by some as the 'fab four'--Meghan Markle joined Harry, his brother, William and Catherine for a Christmas celebration at the country house in Sandringham on Christmas Day for the Queen's annual address. 

Let's take a closer look...

Markle chose to watch her common cents a tad more for this occasion and not opt for a $75,000 custom gown as with her disastrous engagement photo decision. Never one to go without a bit of questionable antics, Markle decided to stick her tongue out at the crowd. While some labeled the behavior cheeky and playful, others thought it was obnoxious and immature for a 36-year-old woman. Many people were so disguisted by her troublesome tongue, they decided to start a petition that would make it so Markle would not be given a royal title. It is rather astounding how Meghan manages to always make some massive mistake even without uttering so much as a word. So far, this vegan/chicken eater, yogi/smoker, dog lover/dog abandoner has somehow managed to offend at every occasion. She has made Kate Middleton look like an angel.

While this American divorcee never fails to surprise or confuse, her clothing choice was on par with her engagement announcement attire. 

A long wool trench coat seems to be her staple, though she often looks too petite and swallowed up in these oversized jackets. Many thought her engagement jacket looked like a bath robe. Media Meg opted for a $1295 Sentaler camel wrap coat, Stuart Weitzman suede boots at $798, a $1500 Chloe bag and a Phillip Tracey fascinator hat. She also added a pair of diamond snowflake earrings bringing her outfit total to roughly $10,000. Many thought her cap looked like a poop emoji, which is just more proof that the soon to be Duchess of Sussex needs to find a new stylist pronto.

Opting for a wildly different look than Catherine's double-breasted plaid Christmas-colored Miu Miu coat, black stockings and fur trimmed hat, Markle looked a bit awkward and overwhelmed trying to find her footing as Mrs. Prince Harry. Typically loud, expressive and outgoing, Nutmeg appeared to actually look less than confident and even a tad shy. Overall, she looked out of place.

None of the fab four seemed to chat with one another very much or exchange many pleasantries. Except for a brief pep talk by Harry in which Markle was seen mouthing the word, "Yes," in a quick and firm manner prior to the customary curtsy, there were not a whole lot of whispers or lovey dovey moments, though Markle did cling to Harry throughout the walk to the country house while greeting well-wishers and accepting flowers from the crowd (many of whom had waited until 3am for a glimpse of the royal family). Harry was not seen comforting, smiling or looking admiringly in Meg's direction and their walk together was mostly all business minus the tongue escapades from Meghan and a few sparse smiles from Harry. William and Catherine however, held hands and looked very confident and comfortable together.

Sparkle Markle didn't seem to be the only one with a case of the nerves. Harry was once again performing self soothing gestures like pulling his hands away from Meghan and putting them under his suit jacket. 

Despite being a nervous duo, the Queen had a framed photo of the two lovebirds engagement announcement on an end table near to where she perched for the Christmas speech. Though interestingly, the framed photo was of the engagement announcement and not the sheer '75k ice skater dress in the park' engagement photo which was largely criticized.  Other framed photos on display included portraits of George and Charlotte, Prince Charles and Camilla and two photos of the Queen and Prince Philip.

On Wednesday the 27th when being interviewed about his future bride on BBC radio Harry tried his best to paint everything in a glowingly good light (PR spin) and said Markle did 'fantastic' with her job of dressing in nice clothes and walking to church (tough stuff) and also hanging with the Windsor crew for the holiday. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue and he meant to say she did okay-ish?

In an article on the Radio 4 broadcast Harry was panned in the comments for saying that his family was "the family (Meghan) never had" despite the fact that Meghan was once married and deeply in love with her "Trev," had her education funded by her mother and father who she talked about and gushed over repeatedly on her defunct blog the Tig and on social media, spent much time with her grandparents and was afforded many of her adult opportunities based on her parents hard work. It's going to be awkward when Harry gets together with his invisible in-laws who weren't really a "family." Yikes!

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