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12 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Like Pippa Middleton

Call it a case of When Harry Met Pipp--oops, we mean, When Harry Met Meghan. Despite sharing many of the same qualities from similar face shapes to shiny brunette hair to dimples and even lip moles, it appears as though Harry found a doppelgänger for his sister-in-law's sister to be his future wife. While some might think it's a tad creepy for Prince Harry to have a fetish for his sister-in-law's kin, it makes perfect sense. Familiarity often breeds fondness and while Harry once had a taste for blondes, being around the Middleton sisters for so long has turned him into a lover of brunette beauties. 

Here are 12 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Like Philippa Charlotte Middleton (or Pippa for short):

1.  Outer Lace

Both ladies donned long sleeve navy blue lace dresses and simple pumps with minimal gold accessories for their respective showbiz and society functions.

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2. Grandma 2.0

Pretty, flirty and feminine, these crochet and mesh dresses look perfect for tea time. Both ladies opted for a black waistband, pastel colors and pointy pumps. #twinning

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3. White Out

Elsa ain't got nothing on these two frosty femme fatales--both outfitted in snowy white lace and crochet sheath-style dresses. 

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4. Taking the Plunge

Going full on glam, Pippa looks like a movie star in a slinky satin floor-length dress with a floral embellishment while Meghan shoots a promo for Deal or No Deal in a similar low-cut red dress with a bit of flair from a bustline rhinestone. 

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5. Blues Traveler

Both Pippa and Meghan look chic in similar denim shirtdress styles with a button-up front and open neck. Meghan opted for an updo while Pippa stuck to long, loose hair and shades. 

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6. Blushing Bride

Meg and Pippa look like they share the same gene pool in these matching pale pink frocks which showoff the women's toned arms and flat abs. Both ladies accessorized with delicate bracelets and opted for the same loose chignon hairstyle.

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7. LBD Squad

Both Pippa and Meghan could totally swap name tags and no one would be the wiser. The Brit and American look polished in their simple short sleeved black dresses with a modest slit.

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8. Earning Their Stripes

Pippa and the future Mrs. Prince Harry look professional but not too dowdy in these striped skirts and strappy shoes (espadrilles for Pippa and heels for Meghan). Are they long lost sisters?

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9. Olive-r Twist

Both ladies look tough and trendy in these dark army green frocks (a military coat for Pippa) with buckle and button detailing. These honorary twins also opted for similar sunnies to pair with their green and glam sartorial statements. 

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10. Inspector Gadget

Meghan just loves a good long midi-length trench coat but in the past she opted for a shorter swingy style while Pippa donned a double-breasted wool camel toper with a waist cinching belt.

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11. Floral Nightingale

Who can resist a floor length floral maxi dress in the summer? Not these two lookalikes! Pippa opted for a peplum tiered crochet garden dress while Meg went for a strappy big blossom number. 

12. Purple Reign

Burgundy babes unite. Both women look chic in these eggplant ensembles which highlight their dark hair, tawny skin and brown eyes. Furthermore, these copycat clones also went for curly locks and opted for similar style clutches, pointy heels and delicate jewelry. 

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