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11 Pictures Meghan Markle Doesn't Want You to See

While it's very obvious Meghan Markle has had a little (or a lot) of surgical intervention to win the heart of Harry, this future Duchess of Sussex didn't start out as a natural beauty. Far from having the appearance of a future royal, Markle was described by classmates as quirky and appeared every inch the awkward teen and gawky school kid. With big, bad frizzy hair, overly plucked eyebrows, freckles galore and a bit of extra weight, no one could've predicted this Suits star would soon occupy a place alongside the likes of the monarchy. 

She did always have a thing for sticking out her tongue, so maybe times have not changed all that much. 

Today, Markle flaunts her straightened hair courtesy of Brazilian blowouts as well as her whitened  teeth and narrower nose; this brunette beauty fought hard to refine her looks and make the most of her comely features.

Here are a few pictures of Rachel Meghan Markle before she had a Hollywood makeover.

These are the 11 pictures Meghan Markle doesn't want you to see:

1. High School Daze

Meghan's original nose is on full display in this throwback photo which captures her wider and more bulbous nose pre-plastic surgery. Looking every inch the good schoolgirl, Meg doesn't have that It Girl factor in this vest-happy yearbook shot. 

2. Young and Hungry

Meghan's facial symmetry appears very different in these glamour style head shots. Noticeably heavier, Media Meg's baby weight is apparent. An unflattering short hairdo does not suit this future posh princess (OK, Duchess).

3. Puffy at Prom

Trying hard to be cool, Meghan appears to have applied too much makeup, (i.e. blue shadow and frosted lipstick) in this dance photo with friends. Young Meghan looks like every other school teenager with chipmunk cheeks and thinned out eyebrows.

4. Sparkle Bling

With hardly the look of a future princess with crazy curly hair and bad tacky makeup, Markle doesn't appear to be in the running for future celebrity or style icon. 

5. Curly Sue

Almost unrecognizable, Media Meg once had hair so coarse and kinky that it appeared as though she had gotten a super perm. Today, Meghan's sleek and long hair looks nothing like her natural locks.

6. Sweatshirt Style

Looking more like a boy than a girl, Meghan appears to have dealt with fashion blunders throughout her younger years.

7. Friends 4ever

Who would've thought the girl with the larger than life hair and masculine features would become one of the most well known women in the world?

8. Royal Groupie

In the laughable BBC interview with Mishal Husain, Markle claimed not to know much about Prince Harry's family despite a Diana obsession as a youngster and a fascination with the royals.

9. A Brief(case) Model

Meghan may have started doing charity work to catch Harry's eye but she also had to survive as an actress and that meant taking on roles like a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal. Hardly a standout in a sea of other models, Meg's ill-fitting outfits and pounds of makeup didn't exactly give her credibility or class. And P.S. why was she always outfitted in shiny and sheeny clothing?

10. Trevor's Type

Looking every bit the in love and wedded pair, Meghan was reportedly very much enamored with her "Trev" back in the day. It only took her casting on Suits for fame hungry Meghan to dump her Mr. Nobody. 

11. Cap and Wedding Gown

With a more dramatic makeover than even the Kardashians, the new and improved Markle looks nothing like her former self. In fact, her radical transformation included changes to her teeth, eyebrows, nose, breasts, skin, lips and hair. 

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