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10 Dupes for the New Cra Cra Expen$ive Kylie Jenner Makeup Brushes

Though Kylie Jenner claims her new luxury brushes are all that and a bag of burritos--turns out many of the most infamous YouTube personalities are throwing serious shade at KJ for her 'dollar tree' (according to Jeffree Star) silvery holiday-esque makeup brush set. Fellow makeup man maven Manny Mua also felt the 'real' brushes didn't apply evenly or distribute product correctly. He also noted that he found many brush hairs on his face after application. YouTuber Laura Lee was a bit put off that Kylie's ultra-luxe brush set didn't even include a kabuki at a staggering price point of $360!!!?!!

While the sh*t is flying left and right at Kylie for pricing her 'are they made with unicorn hair?' brush set at a price point only the Kardashians could afford, there is still feverish interest in this mom-to-be's expensive AF kosmetic kingdom. Many of Kylie's holiday kits have true wow factor--so it's a bit puzzling as to why Ky would release such a pitifully underwhelming makeup brush set. The real question is are the brushes themselves worth three hundo?

Most of the social media world says a resounding NO.

Kylie's silvery flimsy metallic case is very unimpressive and the brushes themselves are just average with chrome handles and white synthetic-looking hair (Kylie claims hers are not synthetic). Emblazoned with the Kylie Jenner name on the shiny handles is about the only thing that makes these brushes a standout.

The 16 brush set includes: large stippling brush, fan brush, medium tapered brush, large powder brush, angled face brush, rounded blush brush, small fluff brush, medium stippling brush, large shader brush, angled blending brush, concealer brush, small and medium shader brushes, small smudge brush and tapered blending brush.

The limited edition collection is available for the holidays and all the brushes are sold individually.

But can you get something for MUCH cheaper and similar quality? Yes, you can. It may not be stamped with the Kylie name but it will perform just the same.

Here are 10 Dupes for the New Cra Cra Expen$ive Kylie Jenner Makeup Brushes:

1. Glamour Gold 10 Piece Brush Set, $26.99

Far more colorful than Kylie's plain and basic brushes, this fun rainbow set includes makeup applicators with glamorous gold handles and technicolor synthetic bristles.

With fewer brushes but double the drama, this rose Beauty and the Beast-inspired brush set will wow any makeup lovers. Eye-catching with a ton of fairytale magic, this six brush set will be a vanity standout.

A totally believable dupe for Kylie's baller brush set--these professional grade copper handle brushes look totes similar to the KJ silver set. 

At less than half the price of Kylie's brushes, this expensive looking 15 piece set includes application instructions printed directly on the handles (cool) and bristles that feel so super soft you'll want to sit around and brush your skin all day long. Also, comes with a cute zippered cosmetic bag.

Colorful, bright and so mermaid, this cute 10-piece brush set is stiff competition for Kylie's pricey face wands. 

This 32 piece makeup brush set comes with a case just like Kylie's foldable vegan leather accordion style pouch but has double the brushes and is just a portion of the price tag. Comfortable wooden handles are a bonus.

In what looks like an exact replica of the foldable Kylie brush bag with a similar shiny and sheeny material, this mega brush set will set you back only a little over $10. Calabasas is shook.

Save some serious holiday spending money buy opting for this polyester makeup brush set with all the performance power of Kylie's beloved brushes.

This pretty and posh brush set looks higher quality than the Kylie kit and offers an elegant set of brushes that even come with their own hair nets! Top that Ms. Scott!

With a black bag eerily reminiscent of the foldable Kylie brush clutch, this huge set offers all the contouring, highlighting and blush brushes you'll ever need. No need to spend any cold hard earned Kash on the Kardashian clan's beauty swag.

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