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The Creepy and Cringey BBC Engagement Interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Yes, they're headed for the chapel. Meghan and Harry will marry at Windsor Castle at St. George's Chapel in May 2018 in what is bound to be a mega media spectacle but before these two lovebirds tie the knot--can we go over their cringe-worthy BBC Interview?

While Harry looked rather uncomfortable (despite growing up in the public eye and having years of practice with interviews) and very serious throughout the sit-down, Meghan looked gleeful and could hardly contain herself. In fact, Meghan took the lead on many of the questions--praising the Queen and acting super nicey nicey at every turn. She often looked at Harry adoringly while he remained stoic and focused during their 'we're in love, we swear' interview. While some have said Meghan acted 'so sweet' it could've given you diabetes, others felt she was very fake and acted her way through the whole Q&A. At one point Harry even had to even interject comments as Markle would interrupt, with Harry proclaiming, "She wants me to say something (host Mishal Husain). Goddamnit." And cue Markle quickly quieting down.

Markle appeared nervous in that 'schoolgirl trying to impress a boy' way the whole time. Harry at times even looked befuddled by Nutmeg's antics.

There were many strange oddities with their interview--why did Meghan answer so many questions? Why did Harry let her take over when previously he was very protective and is the one known by the British people? Why did Meghan sit closest to the interviewer when Harry knew the BBC host Mishal Husain so well? Why was the tone of the interview so serious? Why did Meghan seem so rehearsed? Why was Meghan trying so desperately to be appealing and gushy? Why did they do a Kensington Palace photo shoot and engagement interview when they've been pleading for privacy?

All and all it looked like Meghan was the one smitten with the Prince and he was just there out of obligation. Post interview and during their engagement photos--body language experts revealed that Harry looked stressed and uncomfortable.

Here are a few especially cringe-worthy moments:

1. Meghan pretended to have known nothing about Prince Harry before meeting him and simply inquired if her blind date was "nice?" prior to being setup with the ginger. First, it's laughable and IMPOSSIBLE  that celebrity culture bubbled actress Meghan knew nothing of the British royals having been obsessed with watching Princess Diana as a kid and second, it's an almost embarrassing lie to pretend to have not been aware of these famous Brits. Meghan acted as if the royals don't end up on tabloids across the pond which is very untrue. Kate Middleton is on the cover of many of the gossip magazines in the United States frequently. (Just Life & Style Covers). While she could've said she had heard a little about the royal family in the media, she blatantly lied and claimed she knew almost nothing about Harry. Furthermore, one of her own childhood friends claims Meghan was always scheming to become, "Princess Diana 2.0." And going on to recommend that Harry, "tread cautiously" as Meg was "always fascinated with the Royal family."

Image Credit-Daily Mail-Splash News

Young Meghan Markle who knew 'nothing about the Royals' is pictured outside Buckingham Palace in 1996 

2. The newly engaged couple revealed that a nameless friend set them up on a date -- while this is a rather meet cute story--the problem is that the friend failed to notice or remember or care that Meghan was in an existing relationship with chef Cory Vitiello and was reportedly living with him in his townhouse at the time she met Harry. Cory and Sparkle weren't a casual couple either--they had been dating for two years and things were serious.

3. The dogs--Meghan got very snappy when asked about her dogs and whether her pup Bogart was adjusting to life in the UK. She cut off Mishal saying he was adjusting "just fine." She likely did not want to field too many questions on the topic as her dog likely got to skip the long process of possible quarantine and EU certification and other regulations in order to be allowed entry into Great Britain.

4. Meghan tried adamantly to deny that this engagement and relationship was a 'whirlwind' romance even getting slightly defensive. Media Meg wants the press to believe her and Harry are rock solid and have known each other for some time. This is typical of Meghan who also claimed Serena Williams was a best friend despite only knowing her since July of 2016! Other media outlets are saying they got engaged, "really, really fast." Some even speculated that Markle could already be pregnant. As an aside, since Markle and Harry have been long distance for most of their relationship it seems that they don't know each other as well as couples who have been in the same town for their entire courtship. The couples in this study who dated an average of 18 months prior to marriage (and were engaged half that time) got divorced around the seven year mark. Couples that dated for two full years were 20% less likely to split. Since Meghan and Harry have only known each other since last summer, a little over a year and all long distance, it seems very probable that these two should proceed with caution. With sex chemistry and infatuation lasting approximately two years--this Brit and American are still in the chemical-induced haze of love hormones. The wild infatuation phase of most relationships fully wears off around year three, thus, Harry and Meghan will be married when their relationship expiration date comes due with divorce commonly happening around the fourth year of marriage.

Other Creepy Bits:
Meghan is reportedly converting and will be baptized and confirmed in the church prior to marriage. Meghan ALSO converted to Judaism prior to marrying Trevor Engelson. She's the ultimate relationship chameleon which is either very obnoxious and calculating or desperate. Either way, it's no good for a happily ever after.

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