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Merry Kristmas! Kylie Jenner's 2017 Holiday Makeup Kit Full Review

Brace yourself Kylie fans because this Christmas is going to be a doozy! Makeup lovers will swoon over mom-to-be Kylie's new epic limited edition holiday kit which is packaged in shiny silver in a cute box that says 'Don't Open Until Christmas' in reflective silver print with a bow! Inside this incredible holiday set is a bunch of goodies all packaged with a background of a pretty snowflake design. Don't be fooled either--though images of Kylie's new top secret seasonal swag are hard to come by--this kit contains shiny, shimmery and glam holiday colors.

The cosmetic case labeled KYLIE in all capital letters is actually a pretty teal color along with the Naugthy palette. The Nice palette comes in silver and white stripes -- much like a candy cane. The Wet Set has a rainshower of sparkly silver on the box. Black Friday should be $$$ for the Kylie Krowd AKA Kris Jenner and Company.

  Full Breakdown on the holiday kit: The KYLIE Cosmetic bag has a 'K' zipper and comes in a festive emerald-teal color and is empty (no additional products inside). The Sugar Kylie Liquid Lip Collection has five lip glosses which come in the standard smoky glass with a melted pearly white snow effect. Includes: Sugar, Butter, Savage, Angel and Boy Bye Sugar is a light pinkish gold with a bit of iridescent silvery white Butter is a shiny gold with flecks of silver Savage is a deep rose which is more purple (velvet liquid) and warmer Angel is a deeper rose shade and is a matte liquid Boy Bye is more of a plum purple All the lip shades have a yummy smell. The liquid lips will wipe off easily whereas the velvet shades are long-lasting or long wear.

 The Kylie Liquid Lip and Liner Kit comes in a striped green and silver box which feels very festive--almost like green sequins. The edge is striped with this green and silver design while the cover of the box has Kylie lips which are dripping with the green sparkly gloss. Inside is a red velvet liquid lip which is a true cherry red shade with a matching lip liner in the same bold Christmas red. The red kit colors wipe off easily (liner and lip). The Wet Set pressed powder palette is encased in a cute white box with silver cursive writing. Inside is a gorgeous ultra-sparkly silver palette which is super shiny and reflective. The palette comes complete with a quadrant of shadows and a flip up mirror. Inside the box is a super shiny and glittery reflective powder palette.

Sugar Coated is a soft, light pinky silver which is super creamy and almost white like lavender pearl Frostbite would make a great highlighter as it's a very light snowy white with a creamy texture Sweet Dream looks very peach-like but swatches like a pixie dusty yellow gold Gingerbread is a true copper bronze shade with shimmer The Wet Set offers tons of product with each large powder and is very spongy and creamy.

Nice and Naughty Palettes

 Nice is a pressed powder shadow palette with a tactile surprise and has a silver cover with a big circle design. It opens to a mirror and 14 different eyeshadow colors.

 Jackfrost is a white shimmery frost pearl (swatches like a light gold)
 Gumdrop is a shimmery copper (swatches like a pale deep pink)
 Holly is a berry red brick
 Ginger Snap is an earthy brown mustard
 Blizzard is a sparkly purple gray
 Miracle is a soft baby pink
 Wonderland is a deep brick brownish red (swatches like an earthy rich chocolate)
 Lullaby is a fair nude peach
 Mulberry is a deep sparkly eggplant 
Slay is a shimmery gold (swatches like a luminescent gold)
 Santa Baby is a deep khaki brown (swatches like a fair purple)
 Macaroon is a rosewood pink
 Hot Cider is a dark grayish plum
 Drummer Boy is a bronzy brown pink with a subtle shimmer 
The Naughty palette has a fun wreath-like design with a pine green box with a touchable raised cover.  

 Snowball is a frosty white shade (swatches like a chalky white shimmer)
 Jingle is a light tawny sparkly gold
 Unwrap Me is a deep ruby red 
Snowflake is shimmery silver (swatches like an ultra-shiny metallic)
 Merry Mint is a ultra-light pistachio (swatches like a white shimmer)
 St. Nick is a true crimson red (swatches like a deep orange)
 Hot Toddy is a cocoa brown with a little sparkle
 Xmas Kiss is a burnt orange peach
 Emerald is a deep ivy green
 Ho Ho Ho is a sparkly cranberry
 Coal is a chalky cool gray
 Mischief is a dark sparkly charcoal pewter
 Tipsy is a gray mauve (swatches more matte)
 Glazed is a shiny yellow gold Spice Liquid Lip Kit (liquid/liquid matte/velvet liquid/gloss)


Includes Holyberry which is garnet shade, a gloss named Cinnamon which is an earthy brown and Juniper which is a deep raspberry with a wet finish as well as Clove Matte and Goals Velvet.

Can't get your hands on one of these sought after holiday kits? Fear not, you can style have the same hair as a Kardashian or even the same jeans. And if you're dying to beautify like these Armenian sisters then try some of Kim's perfume. To look more like Kylie, get one of her favorite rings,  swimsuit or a dress. And if you're feeling naughty this year, try a lacy lingerie set from Kylie and Kendall's clothing collection. More fashionable items you can own created by the Jenner sisters: Platform Sneaker/Satin Slip Dress/Stacked Heel Booties/Mixed Lace Dress/Sequin Denim/Colorblock Bikini/Lace Cami/Twill Top

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