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Meghan Markle's Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformation

Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. If you'e easily offended by gossip, personal opinion or creative storytelling--this might not be the website for you. This article is only speculation and none of these surgeries have been confirmed. 

Set to wed Prince Harry, Meghan Markle appears to be every inch the future princess. Long brunette locks? Check. Tall and slim? Check. Facial mole? Check. Yoga and fitness guru? Check. Harry has found the woman of his dreams but what did young Meghan look like before straightening hair treatments, designer skincare and plastic surgery? The answer is rather shocking.

Let's take a look at the humble beginnings of the future Duchesss of Sussex with a plastic surgery rundown of the procedures this Los Angeles born actress has likely had performed.

1. Nose Job

It's very obvious that the future Mrs. Prince Harry has had some serious alterations to her nose. Once upon a time, Rachel Meghan Markle had a very wide and rather big nose. Now, the bridge of her nose looks very narrowed and refined. As a youngster she had a big bulbous tip but her new nose has more of a ski slope appearance and is much more slim. But don't worry Meghan about upsetting your status as a natural beauty as your future sister-in-law also has gone under the knife for her own rhinoplasty. It's very funny and ironic that Meg's nose is now one of the most requested at plastic surgeons offices considering it's a scalpel creation with a slight hump.  The sides of Meghan's nose also look a little collapsed and her tip is noticeably pinched.

2. Breast Implants

In school when most girls are developing, Meghan retained a lanky and flat chested appearance. But when she became a Deal or No Deal girl in 2006, her breasts seem to have magically grown in size. From their appearance high on her chest with a roundness and fullness not seen in regular breasts, it appears as though Meghan went under the knife to enhance her bustline.

3. Weight Loss

Since meeting Harry, Meghan appears to have slimed down. A self-described foodie, Meghan claims to indulge in all her favorite foods in moderation. Still, with her super skinny legs, a dedicated yoga practice and a shrinking midsection, it seems like Markle has been dieting hard recently. In the past, Meghan has battled baby weight. Perhaps this princess-to-be had a little help with a nip and a tuck or even a cool sculpting treatment on her problem areas like her stomach.

4. Botox and Fillers

Meghan used to have little lines on the sides of her eyes but at the engagement photo session--even a wide smiled Meghan has no crow's feet. With the help of Botox, IPL and fillers, Meghan has lost her delicate baby eye lines. She also appears to be squinting without any creases or wrinkles and has lost some of her eye size--a telltale sign of frozen filler face. 

5. Teeth

Sparkle Markle didn't always have such a perfectly white, straight smile. In fact, a young Meghan looked very awkward and a bit geeky with a big gap tooth grin, frizzy hair and a more prominent nose. Today, Meghan has whitened her teeth, had them straightened and likely has had veneers or teeth shaved down. Also, it's clear in this photo how much Meghan's nose has changed from big and boxy to narrow and triangular.

6. Hair

Meghan is celebrated for her smooth, shiny mane but Markle's real hair is actually quite coarse, frizzy and kinky. The future royal has admitted to getting Brazilian Blowouts but most would assume she's blessed with naturally straight hair. As a youngster, the future Rachel Zane had an 80's perm hairdo. Today, she relies on chemical straightening relaxers and keratin treatments to keep her hair smooth. She also used to rely on Yuko Japanese straightening hair treatments for a more manageable mane. 

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