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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Awkward Engagement Photos

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially set to wed. Despite numerous press reports, Prince Harry had not heard of Meghan or the television program Suits prior to meeting his future Princess. While the two lovebirds posed for their royal engagement, one couldn't help but wonder how this Hallmark actress and blogger, became one of the world's most well-known women overnight. Indeed, how did Harry and this actress from a broken and bankrupt family find their way into each other's arms? Maybe fate, maybe folly.

Still, their engagement photos looked awkward. Whether nervous, shy or simply uncomfortable, these two didn't have the same natural exuberance and cheer as Kate and Wills. It's rather confusing as to why a pair so used to fame and reportedly have such chemistry seem so antsy and uneasy with their public declaration of love. One would assume Harry would be a pro at taking pictures and looking confident and comfortable under a barrage of flashbulbs. The genuine fondness, playfulness or silliness that looks to be a part of Kate and William's dynamic doesn't seem to match Harry and Meghan's vibe.

The newly engaged couple's BBC interview also seemed rather strained and lacked a certain charm. Meghan took the lead on many questions and tried to laugh now and again and Harry remained very serious, for the most part. He fidgeted, bit his lip and looked up in space. In addition, he avoided contact with Meghan in an odd way. While she stared at him frequently throughout the interview with big love-me eyes, his interest in the interview seemed to wane and at times he appeared very solemn for such a happy occasion.

It appeared like an interview about something rather grim and intense rather than a proposal story. Meghan didn't come off as humble or down-to-earth but rather overly confident and pushy as if trying to 'sell' the best version of herself. She even seemed perturbed to discuss where her beloved dogs were currently residing, snapping back at the interviewer about her dog Bogart with a curt, "I think he's doing just fine." In other words, drop the dog questions. Ruff.

Let's take a moment to analyze their body language with the engagement photos:

Harry's Hand Gestures

Once thought to be a sign of the devil's horns, Harry tucks his hands in his suit jacket while smiling during the public photo op. He must be keeping his fingers toasty?

Together Yet Apart

In this case, Harry rests his hand on the back of his legs in a way distancing himself from Markle while both share a similar stiff and awkward stance.

Photo: NBC News

Forced Smiles

Harry once again strokes his stomach in a pose which symbolizes his low level of comfort with the situation. As a self-soothing gesture, Harry pats his midsection while Markle smiles slyly for the paps. 

Clinging and Clutching

Markle clings to Harry in a way which is less natural than their chemistry at the Invictus Games. She attempts to pull him into her personal space. Meanwhile, Harry tries his best to "stomach" the media attention and plays with his suit jacket near his tummy (i.e. more hand gestures).

She is HAPPY, He is Surviving

Meghan is lapping up the public spectacle that has befallen her. She loves all the attention and notoriety. Harry is trying his best to get through the press protocol and looks to wish to go off and have a stiff drink.

Send Help for Harry

Meghan couldn't be more on cloud nine. Harry looks ready for the whole thing to be over. 

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