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8 Ways to Get Gorgeous While You Sleep

Everyone is short on time these days. There's no extra hours in the day for a trip to spa, a laser appointment or a hair trim. In fact, most women are probably satisfied with a shower and enough time to brush their teeth. But if you're looking for a hack to reviving those strands or clearing your skin without a serious time commitment--fear not, there are plenty of ways to count sheep and get some serious beauty shuteye.

Here are 8 Ways to Get Gorgeous While You Sleep:

1. Condition Your Hair Under the Covers

Bumble and Bumble While You Sleep Hair Masque, $42.99

Take those dry, damaged locks and turn them into a Disney 'do with a hair mask that revives and rebuilds sorry strands in the PM. Repair a hairy situation with this masque which promises 77% less breakage with continued use.

2. Create Chic Curls Pillowside

Who wants to wake up early to mess with styling, curling and managing a mane that's gone happily haywire during the evening hours? Forget it. Instead, turn to the Sleep Styler which promises a heat free way to get gorgeous and glam curls without the muss and fuss. Just apply these roller-like curls into the hair--get some rest and wake up to bouncy and beautiful spirals.

3. Luscious Lips by Dawn

Dry, crusty lips are something no one wants to deal with come sunrise. Lips with lines and cracks is not ideal for glossing or lipstick wear. No need to fret over that wrinkled smile--just try an overnight lip mask for perfectly soft and kissable AM pout.

4. Smoother Skin by Sunrise

For skin that's thirsty--this avocado and apricot kernel oil mask will do the trick. Most of the users of this product reported greater elasticity, increased moisture and tighter and more lifted skin. Now, that's making the most of dreamland. Can't bare to splurge without knowing if this quenching elixir will make your skin softer and smoother? No problem--try a stocking stuffer-friendly $4 sample size at Sephora. 

5. After Hours Bronzed and Beautiful 

What could be better than waking up to sunkissed and perfectly glowing skin? Give JLo a run for her money with this innovative hydrating and streak-free tanning lotion that promises golden skin with a gorgeous shimmer by morning.

6. Natural Noctural Beauty 

Heal, protect and rejuvenate skin overnight with this natural age diminishing serum that contains skin friendly botanicals like rose, pumpkin, meadowfoam and argan oil. This packed powerhouse elixir promises to give skin a dose of antioxidants and essential fatty acids while taming wrinkles and dry spots.

7. Better Body By Daybreak

A reparative overnight body moisturizer leaves skin more supple, soft and smooth even before breakfast. Working with the body's natural sleep cycle, this body lotion has argan stem cell technology which increases firmness and improves luminosity. Goodbye cellulite!

8. Breaking Bedtime for a Better Face

Have a big holiday party to attend? Need to go on a romantic winter date night? Want to ace a job interview while looking your best? This 3-step at-home facial kit will be the best alternative to a spa weekend without the huge cost or commitment. A makeup melt cleanser, oxygen face cream and anti-aging clay mask will leave skin flawless just in time for morning birdsong. 

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