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Questions and Answers: All About Mood Changing Hair Color

As women are notoriously fickle when it comes to their crowning glory,  it makes sense that there should be hair color kits on the market that allow women to have constantly changing colors infused into their majestic manes. Enter Pravana’s Vivid Moods Colors–temporary overlay on the hair (not dye) that changes with heat from a flatiron or a blowdryer. *Mindblown*

Yes, this means the sun, a cool breeze or a quick curling session could make hair go from pale purple to tangy blue in an instant. The first ever reactive hair color on the market, means no more crazy clip in colors or bad Manic Panic episodes. With less commitment than traditional rainbow hair dye, which often involves stripping the hair to bleach blonde (pre-lightening) and then adding back dye, these trendy temp shades are taking the social media world by storm.

Perfect for Halloween or Coachella, the mood ring-like colors will leave friends, family and strangers mystified, surprised and intrigued. Prepare for much shock and awe.

Questions about Magical Mood Changing Hair Color

Will it damage the hair?
As the color is a temporary overlay and not actual dye–it should be fairly benign for the hair. It washes out after one shampoo so the commitment level is low.

What shades are available?
Lime Green to Sunny Yellow/Cool Violet to Warm Pink/Tropical Peach (Pink) to Invisible/Smokey Grey to Invisible
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Does the hair change color actually change with mood?
Unless you’re all hot, sweaty and bothered and your hair experiences some level of heat–the hair will likely not change in color. So, even bad PMS days will not leave you with somber grey hair.

Does the Vivid color work on all hair types?
Typically lighter or blonde hair works best for achieving that mermaid hair don’t care vibe.
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How come I just heard about this stuff–when did it launch?
September 1, 2017. You’re not that late to the party.

Where can I buy some of this crazy hair color?

What costumes would this hair dye look cool with?
Unicorns, mermaids, princesses, cartoon characters, superheroes

Can I get the hair color to last longer than just one wash?
Yes, just apply the color to extensions.

Where can I find a Pravana salon?
Locations HERE but this doesn’t mean they offer Vivid Colors

What other ways can I activate the color?
Fingers, palm prints or any source of heat will change the color. So, touch the hair often for an amazing show!

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