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9 Reasons Why Prince Harry Should Rethink Marrying Meghan Markle

While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will likely be engaged or married before the end of the year, everyone is still scratching their hands as to why these two opposites are such a perfect pair. Meghan comes from a working class background in the states, while Harry hails from one of the richest and most powerful families in Great Britain. Not only is Meghan an American but she's also not a blonde (Harry's previous favorite), is older than Harry (any pregnancy that Harry and Markle produce would be considered 'geriatric') and divorced.

But what are the other reasons this relationship has trainwreck written all over it?

Let's take a look at 9 Reasons Why Prince Harry Should Rethink Marrying Meghan Markle:

1. All Her 'Friends' Serve a Purpose
Even Markle's own sister says her sibling and future princess is driven by celebrity, status and fame. Labeled a desperate and determined social climber by many, Meghan's buddies seem like a who's who list of various industries; her favorite friends seem to be especially high profile. Beloved pals include: Markus Anderson, a highly connected director for social club Soho House, as well as Serena Williams (who she publicly acts like is her bestie but whom she has actually only known since 2016!) and Priyanaka Chopra who seemed a tad irritated to be discussing 'nobody' Meghan on the Wendy Williams show. In addition, she had dinner with Michael Buble once but it's no big deal she just wants you to know. She seems to gravitate towards 'friends' who are wealthy and worldly. No commoners for this California girl!

2. Meghan Loves Meghan
It would be fair to say Meghan has a bit of an inflated self-image. She said in an old interview that people would stop her on the street and say they loved her now defunct blog The Tig. Well, that's crazy because I'd never heard of this Goop-like lifestyle website Meghan claims was taking off (before she started dating Harry). Also, no one I know has never tuned into her Suits television show on the lowly USA network. In addition, she promotes herself as a global citizen and wrote a long, self-righteous spiel on her blog about being 'both' a humanitarian and a red carpet swoon-over-me actress. Gag.

3. Meghan Saves the World but Won't Help Her Own Family
For most people love and support and helping others starts at home. While Meghan's dad helped furnish her private education in Los Angeles, he also went bankrupt as has her mother. Markle's dad reportedly lives in a small apartment while her mother has been doing her laundry at a public laundromat called Super Suds in California. To add insult to injury, Meghan's mom was seen hitting up the local grimy laundromat at the same time Markle Sparkle was on a lavish three week vacation in Africa. And Meg's half-sister, Samantha Grant has MS and is in a wheelchair but "altruistic" Meghan has nothing to do with her.

4. She is a Hypocrite

Meghan needs protection from the media but dishes about her romance publicly. She embraces her freckles and her biracial identity yet gets Brazilian Blowouts to straighten her curly hair. (It's also been reported that she's had breast implants and a rhinoplasty--with a nose that looks quite different than in 1999.) So much for self-acceptance. Also, she wants to maintain her privacy but laps up any chance to drop clues and hints for the media to feast on regarding her relationship (she wore a 'Husband' shirt to the Invictus Games). She doesn't read any press (really?!?) but she's on SnapChat and Instagram and one media outlet claimed that when news broke of her and Harry's budding relationship she stayed up all night reading about it online and checking her social channels.

5. She Tries Hard to Be Cool
Meghan reportedly spent a month in Italy after reading the book, "Eat, Pray, Love." She gave herself a British makeover before spending time in London, undoubtedly copying many of the fashion choices and style moments of Kate Middleton (hello wellies!). She also loves yoga and never eats fast food (it's been "many moons" since she has been through a drive-thru) despite reports that Meg actually loved Burger King in college. Also, she never ever leaves yoga with wet or sweaty hair but in fact, it appears as though she leaves every class with a fresh blowout. Waiting for the paps Media Meg?

6. She's a Hypocrite, Again
Fiercely independent, ambitious and passionate about philanthropic causes and women's rights, Meghan Markle seems hell-bent on not relying on a man for support. Yet, isn't it funny and strange that since meeting Prince Harry Meghan has closed down her bragging-rights website and is planning an exit from Suits after this season. Essentially she's giving up her life and career for a man--which is kind of the opposite of everything she stands for. Here comes the bride without a job or an identity of her own. 

7. She's All About Charity and Expensive Things
Many of the items in Meghan's closet could pay for lots of meals, water and aid for children in Rwanda and offer women in India greater resources. Down-to-earth Meghan loves her super pricey Mulberry bags (which start at about a 1k), expensive Jimmy Choo shoes and how-can-they-cost-that-much $500 flats. Even her knit beanies reportedly cost almost $200!

8. Meghan is Talented At...?
While many have declared the once-aspiring star's acting close to terrible, she does wear a lot of tight pencil skirts and peek-a-boo blouses on her show Suits, so that's something. She also is pretty good with penmanship, globe-trotting and going to yoga class. As far as winning an Academy Award, unless Harry can rig something, it doesn't seem likely. 

9. She's a Wicked Man-Eater
Meghan was not casually seeing her boyfriend of two years, a renowned Canadian chef named Cory Vitiello when she met Harry. In fact, Meghan was actually living with Cory in a Toronto townhouse and the relationship was reportedly serious. But poor Cory didn't stand a chance and she dumped him right away for life as posh princess. Classy, right? In addition, she was previously married to Trevor Engelson whom she ditched after only two years of marriage. Trevor claims Meghan had many temper tantrums and an emotional affair during their time together; he has called their relationship, "years of hell." Watch out Harry, she'll eat you up!

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