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8 of the Coolest Current LUSH Products in 2017

If you've ever walked into a Lush store you know the magic of smells, sights and even sounds in the homemade cosmetics mecca. All and all it's a soapy and sublime experience. Every year Lush releases an array of new shampoo bars, bath bombs and haircare items. Perhaps some of the most fun washing wonders are the seasonal newbies from goth fairy soaps to berry-sceneted bubble bars--Lush is masterful at crafting one-of-a-kind tub treasures.

Here are 8 of the Coolest Current Lush Products Available:

1. Sparkly Pumpkin, $7.95
Perfect for Halloween ghouls and goblins, this shiny orange and gold treasure is worth a visit to the Lush store (even if it entails a long drive). Creating 'fruity juniper berry' bubbles it doesn't get much better than watching the bath water turn orange with hints of gold glitter. Meanwhile, Lush also offers a pink pixie pumpkin bath by way of the similar Pink Pumpkin

Hard day at the office? Bad breakup? Ugly family upheaval? Gurl, you need a little burst of bath time bliss with these charming and aromatic sunshine bombs that smell of neroli as well as lime and lemon myrtle. Bonus: inside these blue cornflower spiked balls of fizz is a cool and unexpected fuchsia center. 

3. Just to Clarify, $13.95
This unique jelly face mask turns into a grainy scrub on the face which polishes away dry and dead debris for crazy clear and luminous skin. Charcoal helps reduce oil and clear acne prone skin while papaya, orange and grapefruit make the face bright and smooth. Plus, it smells like walking through a citrus orchard--ahhhhh!

Forget color changing hair color--this dark lip tint actually transforms on the lips into a rich wine-berry fuchsia. Accidentally lick your pretty pout? No problem. This enchanting balm has a kissable spearmint scent. 

5. Creme de Menthe, $9.95
Forget boring and basic mouthwash--these solid minty tabs give you the fizz and fresh feeling of regular swish and swig mouthwash but with no sink necessary. On the go? Date night? Big meeting? These peppermint powered bath bombs for the tongue are all kinds of awesome.

6. Passionate, $24.95
A hot neon lipstick--this 80s era shade feels all sorts of Molly Ringwald era nostalgic. Bright and peppy, this purpley liquid lipstick is fun and festive for parities or a romantic rendezvous. A base of rose wax means this lip color will last through any drunken girls night on the town. 

7. Bubble Spinner, $6.95
A unique Lush product--this lemon scented foaming spinner can make for hours of toy-happy tub time. Unlike other bath bombs from this UK-cosmetics chain, this foaming flipper is actually reusable and can create frothy bubbles for multiple spa sessions. 

8. Sex Bomb, $7.95
This popular and praised bubble-gasm bomb creates a seductive setting for a twosome tub. Jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang offer a feminine and flowery scent for a luxurious soak. The tub will turn a pretty pink shade and leave the bathroom ripe for relaxation.

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