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7 Hairstyles Trending for Fall

Winter is coming and cooler temperatures call for new hairstyles, trends and color. Gone are the days of heavy ombre and intense balayage--now, things are more subtle. From rich reds to rose gold and silvery streaks, there will be plenty of #hairgoals for fall.

Here are 7 Hairstyles Trending for Fall:

1. Icy Blonde
A cool, delicate icy blonde shade is just perfect for winter. With strands so pale they look silver, this blonde will have major impact. Khaleesi ain't got nothing on you. Get a similar look at home for under $8.

2. Blush Brunette
Subtle streaks of pink give this brunette a bit of dimension while adding a little brightness to a darker 'do. Pink is flirty and playful without creating too harsh of contrast. Afraid to jump into pink and purple hair shades? Try a semi-permanent pink color to experiment with before taking the plunge.

3. Gold and Blonde
A fall-friendly mane has dimension and movement. Cool, frosty highlights are blended with a tawny gold shade that makes this style flirty and fun without being too platinum. Want to achieve the same results at home without the big salon prices? Try a frosting or blonde highlighting kit. 

4. Blonde in the Front, Brunette in the Back
A fun and flattering style for many brunettes, a curtain of blonde allows a brunette to live a double life. Cool honey blonde tones add volume while keeping dark hair from looking too flat or weighed down. Keep blonde strands shiny and shimmery with a sunflower shampoo

5. Rich Purple 
A shiny plum wine hairstyle is perfect for those who want a bold and Disney-character-worthy hairstyle for the autumn months. If you want to be extra brazen, try a permanent hair dye that glows under UV light--this will make for the ultimate party trick. 

6. Hints of Ginger
A brunette gets a fresh autumnal spin with hints of pumpkin spice. With tons of contrasting colors lots of different highlights and lowlights, this fall style will set the perfect tone for the cool and cozy months ahead. Keep copper strands bright and shiny with a color enhancing mask

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