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6 Most Unrealistic Hair Goals

With fall just around the corner--a copper balayage with a few blonde pieces and a bit of graduated mahogany-red sounds just perfect...but hold your hair horses. Achieving a Pinterest-perfect mane might be more damaging, difficult and disastrous than it seems. For many women, the hair of celebrities, Instagram and Facebook is not all that realistic. Going from dark brown to grayish silver? Nearly impossible in one sitting. Changing from earthy brunette to Blake Lively blonde? Super damaging and drying. Taking the hair from intense black to ombre purple? This requires heavy lightening and lifting. While it's fun to have #hairgoals--swaying to far away from what nature gave you can cause serious follicle fallout.

Here are 6 of the Most Unrealistic Hair Goals:

1.) Silvery Hair
The rise of grayish-white hair in popularity is likely is attributed to the Game of Thrones character Khaleesi with her mythological mane comprised of frosted follicles. While many girls try and emulate this ancient woman warrior character--it takes about a dragon's size of effort, work and wear and tear on the hair to achieve Rapunzel-gray hair. In order to get that perfect shade of midnight, the hair must be bleached and have a white-silver undertone in order to make any gray color stick. Previously dyed and damaged hair will not be a good choice for those embarking on the gray train. A weekly tinted treatment can bring this Tim Burton shade back to life but be forewarned--the gray will likely fade and the hair may end up looking more granny than gorg.

2.) Platinum Blonde
Unless your name is Gwen Stefani--trying to go platinum blonde can be a disaster. Though Kim Kardashian recently went back to blonde after an epic hairy yellow-nightmare, going from dark black or even brunette to blonde involves lots of bleach and no matter how much Olaplex you've got on hand--it will end with broken, fried and fragile hair. If you do decide to lighten your hair--make sure to only have the outgrowth touched up every time dark roots appear as this will minimize damaging the same hair over and over (i.e. no blonde highlights every few months to maintain the look). Also, be prepared to part with a lot of length as strands will be weakened by lots of lightener and processing. Many celebrities go platinum with the help of wigs and weaves--Sarah Jessica Parker recently fooled the media with a faux platinum lob that turned out to be a wig. Bottom line: If you're unsure about damaging your hair invest in some blonde hair extensions.

3.) Berry-Red Hair
Surprisingly red hair is about or more difficult than blonde hair to maintain. Shades or ruby easily wash out and can result in an unflattering orange color. In addition, with wine-colored hair, the skin can look particularly sallow or pale resulting in an unflattering pinkish hue to the skin. If you're bold and want to try and auburn shade for fall--look for a box dye with conditioning agents and use a gentle color-protecting shampoo. Also, a glossing treatment is a must to maintain the vivid red shade and a touch-up is usually required every four to six weeks.

4.) Bubblegum Pink Hair
Unless your hair dress is Guy Tang, taking the hair from any shade to pale white-blonde with a rosy blush colored cast will involve some major hair heroics. To achieve this fairy floss inspired look the  hair will need to be practically translucent or see-through. In order to get hair that's so white it's transparent--the hair will have to be lifted many levels and all roots must be bleached as well (brunette bits might blend into ombre or highlighted hair but won't blend into peachy pink strands). Many things can go wrong. If you're daring and already have light hair, try a smoky pastel shade and follow instructions on the box. 

5.) Rainbow Hair
In order to achieve psychedelic strands, hair has to be a light to platinum blonde and then freestyle balayage pieces need to be woven throughout the hair for a rainbow effect. With no foils being used the hair can end up looking crazy (or cool). An expert hairdresser can make fruity pebbles hair but the upkeep will be tedious and trying. Mermaid-esque hair can fade to a gray and swampy green color and will likely lose its vibrancy and pink and purple tones rather quickly. 

6.) Super Light Ombre
As anyone with long hair can attest, the ends of hair are the most fragile and damaged--so having exceptionally long hair with platinum ends is likely unrealistic for most people. Unless the ends of the hair are blonde extensions--it will be hard to pull off heavy roots with super white-ish blonde ends. 

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