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6 Clues that Kylie Jenner is Actually Pregnant

The speculation has been swirling for weeks--is she or isn't she? Kylie has stayed mum (or mom) but others in her close circle have been a little less secretive. So, while the world waits for this makeup mogul to break the internet (like sister Kim) with news of her impending trip to Babies 'R' Us for a Krib and Kar Seat, we can continue to speculate about the youngest Jenner-Kardashian and her pending offspring.

Here are 6 Clues that Kylie Jenner is Actually Pregnant:

1.  Tats for Two
Travis Scott AKA Kylie's future baby daddy has dropped bambino bombs like a proud dad-to-be. On June 12th, right around the time Kylie probably started her pregnancy journey he tweeted a cryptic message about it being 'the happiest day of his life.' The very next day, Travis and Kylie got sweet little matching butterfly tattoos on the backs of their legs. Travis also reportedly has been making passing statements to other people about how 'dope' the pregnant life is and captioning Instagram photos with the phrase, "Kids."

Image: Splash News

2. Serious Kravings
Kylie Jenner may not have released a picture of a full-on bump but she's still having fun with the baby hints. A few days ago she took to Snapchat to pick a 'blue' cellphone case while showing off her mystery shape on Insta in a man's blue button-up shirt. Are we supposed to infer that the future tiny tot is a bouncing baby boy? In addition to her not-so-coy pictures of blue clothing and cases, Kylie has also been displaying major kravings by posting pics of cinnamon rolls. #bunintheoven

3. Baggy Smalls
Since the rumors started flying that Kylie is with child, she's been seen in all kinds of loose, oversized t-shirts, sweaptant-style outfits and big seasonally-inappropriate ski jackets as well as black off-the-shoulder tops showing off her fuller chest. Many of her latest clothing choices are also black or dark gray and there's been no hint of crop tops or bikinis for a few months (unless of course you count throwback photos).

4. Caitlyn Claims
While it was first reported that Caitlyn was in the dark about Kylie's pregnancy, now Ms. Jenner's rep claims that the former Olympic Athlete has known for some time about Baby Scott. Not particularly pleased and a bit 'shocked and disappointed' Caitlyn is apparently still processing the news of becoming a grandma.

5. She Has Baby on the Brain
In the past, Kylie's snapchat vids were all about hip-hop and heavy rap tunes but the lip queen is now enjoying soft songs with lyrics like, "Nothing's gonna hurt you baby." Playing the Cigarettes After Sex song, "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby" while sipping a drink by the pool is just another clue that Kylie is preparing for mom life and thinking about babies 24/7. Plus, Kylie has been careful that her pool photography never reveals much below head-level (whereas in the past, on Snap she was all about the bikini selfie).

6. Kurves Ahead
Kylie's krazy kurves have gone other level in recent snaps. While the full-chested and big busted star has always been voluptuous, recently her shape seems to have grown and her bosoms have been super-sized. While Kylie does have implants, it appears the mama-to-be is gaining some pregnancy pounds to nourish her little mini-me on the way.

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