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5 Strange Similarities Between Meghan Markle and the Middletons

While it looks like 'Media Meg' as she has been dubbed by the Brits (for her social climbing and attention-seeking) may soon join the House of Windsor--it's not all that far fetched that Meghan Markle will soon become a part of the Middleton crew. Even though Pippa is not hitched to royalty, these three ladies (Kate, Meg and Pippa) share a lot of strange commonalities. It looks like Harry may have picked a woman with similar physical characteristics to his sister-in-law. Or maybe Meghan long intended to try and catch Harry's eye and decided to mimic the royal squad of sisters?

Here are 5 Strange Similarities Between Meghan Markle and the Middletons:

1. They All Have Lip Moles
Call it a beauty mark or a freckle, bit all the M's--Meghan and the Middletons have a noticeable facial mole just above their lips. It's uncanny that Prince Harry chose a girl with the same exact facial feature as William's wife and her sister.

2.  They Wear the Same Boots
Meghan Markle loves her Kamik snow boots but she also regularly dons Wellies on the rainy London streets. Kate Middleton adores her Wellies like her late mother-in-law Princess Diana but saves them for the countryside.

3. They Love the Same Haircare, Body Lotion and Concealer
Of all the fancy and expensive hair and skin products on the market both brunette beauties--Kate and Meghan love using the same haircare and makeup products. While Meghan Markle reportedly receives Brazilian Blowouts to tame her coarse hair, she still relies on Kerastase Masquintense (also used by Kate) and oleo-relax to tame her naturally frizzy mane. Strangely, both ladies also love discount Nivea cream as well as YSL touche eclat and Kate loves Laura Mercier as does Meghan.

4. They Have the Same Expressions
Not only do the Middleton sisters and Meghan share similar hairstyles, taste in clothing and hair and skincare products--both women have an uncannily similar facial expressions as well as a love for similar style sunglasses. And both women must see the same manicurist as their nail length, fingers and wave look nearly identical.

5. They Wear Similar Clothing
Both Kate and Meghan (real name Rachel) love lace dresses, red gowns and of course, blue wrap dresses. In addition, these two twins also love pairing every outfit with their long shiny brunette locks, simple jewelry and heels which offer just a bit of height (after all, both ladies are reportedly taller than 5'5). 

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