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14 Super Easy Ways to Lose Fat Fast

Whether you're trying to shed a few pounds after having a baby, re-entering the dating market after a breakup or divorce or you just want to fit into your favorite high school skinny jeans, there are plenty of ways to peel off some pounds without intense dieting or hours and hours at the gym.

If you're looking to get slimmer and skinnier, here are 14 Super Easy Ways to Lose Fat Fast:

1. Change Your Nightcap
Bikini Tea, $44

A cup of tea can not only calm frazzled nerves at night and lower cortisol, thus leading to less fat and more firm but it can also help the body detox. Bikini Tea is caffeine free, herbal and contains ingredients like spearmint leaf to promote digestion and chamomile to soothe the the stomach.

2. Slater on a Little Lotion
Energy Bank Body Makeover, $59

Plump up the puckering on thighs and smooth saggy skin with this easy post-shower lotion designed with Passion Flower Seed to improve elasticity and make all that wobbly skin a little less jello-like.

3. Ditch the Oatmeal
Neat Lean Protein, $39

Instead of a carb heavy breakfast which will make you famished within hours and leave your blood sugar bouncing around like a 2-year-old at a water park, try a vanilla protein shake with a few frozen or fresh berries, a spoonful of almond butter, some water or almond milk and a scoop of lean protein powder. This powder is made with matcha green tea which will encourage a sluggish metabolism to burn extra calories throughout the day.

4. Pop a Pill
Perricone Metabolism Booster, $55

Call it lazy or call it genus but one of the fastest ways to see a lower number on the scale is to use a supplement which will blunt appetite and increase thermogenesis. Made with cayenne pepper, black pepper and ginger root, this whole food supplement will give your body an extra boost and help burn more calories.

5. Call on Coffee
Shea Moisture Revive Coffee Scrub, $11.99

A coffee scrub will rev up circulation which will improving the surface of the skin and lead to less dimpling and drooping while giving the skin a healthier glow. Forget Starbucks--a coffee scrub is the jolt you really need. 

6. Bandage the Belly

Not just for new moms, a belly bandit corset shaper can actually make hourglass curves more achievable. First, this belt holds everything in place and eventually shrinks and sculpts the tummy into a flatter state. Secondly, wearing the belly bandit during exercise can increase weight and water loss around the stomach. Finally, a corset belt will make you think twice before grabbing that second handful of Oreos as it constricts the tummy like a mean pair of skinny jeans. 

7. Shrink after the Shower

This seriously packed potion is loaded with intense weight loss ingredients like spinosa, bayberry as well as ivy and artichoke extract. In addition, it's full of theobromine and other weight loss powerhouse botanicals. Easy to apply and without much effort, this cream will have you looking less round in no time.

8. Rethink Your Chocolate Cravings

Willa Wonka ain't got nothing on this protein powder which helps demolish cravings, maintain healthy blood sugar and boost energy all with a cocoa flavored powder. Just replace one or two meals a day with a slimming smoothie and suddenly you're back in an itty bitty bikini. 

9. Toss Traditional Vitamins

Slimming supplements might be one of the easiest ways to shed a little bit of blubber before the holiday season. Healthy vitamins, antioxidants and special energizing and fat burning ingredients help destroy any pockets of plump. 

10. Slam a Superfood Shot

A perfect addition to smoothies and shakes, this minty-berry powder is sweet and refreshing. Brimming with vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants, this 35 calorie delight helps to encourage weight loss, clear the skin and purify the body of gunk and grime. 

12. Be a Little Coconut Crazy

This stuff isn't your typical store-bought coconut oil. Sourced only from rural and organic farms in the Philippines, this rich oil delivers amazing healing and weight loss properties to the body. Plus, it can soften stretch marks, tame frizzy hair and split ends as well as reduce acne.

13. Slim in Your Sleep

This cult favorite cream is still a weight-loss must-have as it requires so little effort to slim and tone while dozing in dreamland. Formulated with a complex of lotus flower, algae and lavender, this cream promotes a little less jiggle and wiggle all while under the covers.

14. Try a Cleanse
Bikini Cleanse, $189

Never mind the squats and lunges, one of the fastest ways to get the body to shed extra sludge is to revitalize and detoxify the organs and prime the body for faster and more efficient use of food. A cleansing system can rid the body of blubber in a jiffy. This easy system includes a multivitamin, B vitamin, weight loss tea and a few tasty meal replacements in the form of a satisfying shake.

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