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8 Celebrities Who Have Gone From Fit to Fat

Everyone knows there are many occasions in life when it's hard not to pack on the pounds. The holidays, vacation and even winter can add layers of blubber and belly bounce to one's normally fit frame. For Hollywood celebrities, time off from filming and strenuous diet and fitness regimens can be a recipe for weight gain. While many stars like Gal Gadot, Sandra Bullock and Mark Wahlberg remain toned and trim no matter their schedule, other bigwigs get big.

Here are 8 Celebrities Who Have Gone from Fit to Fat:

1. Keely Shaye Smith
Largely (pardon the pun) out of the spotlight since her days as host on the television show Unsolved Mysteries, Keely Shaye Smith or Mrs. Pierce Brosnan has gained a large amount of weight over the years. While possibly related to a health condition or medication, Smith isn't afraid to flaunt her fuller figure on the beach in a itty bitty bikini.

2. Russell Crowe
It's hard to imagine that the once buff star of films like Gladiator and 300, has gone from six pack to slovenly. While sporting major dad bod, Crowe appears to have taken more than a few days off from his diet and gym regimen.

3. Eva Longoria
Poor Eva Longoria in the past year or so she has had to defend her swollen tummy claiming it was an abundance of cheese and a food baby that made her stomach inflate. Recently on vacation with her husband in Greece, Eva looked especially ridden with extra paunch. While the mozzarella defense seems far fetched, the more likely explanation is that the former Desperate Housewives star is undergoing IVF treatments which can create swelling and bloating especially in the belly.

4. Jennie Garth
In 2012, Jennie Garth looked like a hot mama in a teeny yellow bikini showcasing off her taut tummy and toned legs, but in 2017 it appears that the former Beverly Hills 90210 star has added a little more meat to her slim shape. It's hard to believe that the once super svelte star now looks practically unrecognizable (in June 2017). 

5. Kate Winslet
While Kate has battled the bulge for many years, the actress appears to have found a happy weight that is a bit above her former size. With Leonardo, Kate looks content and jovial in her current state. Even on the beach together, neither of these Titanic stars appear to mind a little extra flab on their frames.

6. Ben Affleck
Appearing to have joined a cult of men with man boobs, sloppy shirts and baggy jeans, Affleck loves to subscribe to his sloth-ish bachelor style. While he transformed his body for many superhero movies, it appears that Jennifer Garner's ex is no longer a member of 24 Hour Fitness. Instead, his drinking, gambling, womanizing and creative-genius-tortured-soul routine takes up most of his free time.

7. Jennifer Aniston
In no universe would Jennifer Aniston be considered overweight or flabby.  Still, Aniston's weight has fluctuated a lot over the years and many times she conceals her bod under baby t-shirts, extra scarves and lots of layers; it's hard to tell if she's with child, with food baby or just wanting to keep the paparazzi from prying. 

8. Kelly Clarkson
While this songstress just had a baby in 2016, and is likely still shedding the baby weight, Clarkson appears bigger than in the past. Long beguiled with weight struggles the former American Idol singer is making a major comeback with a new book and album.

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